Rupture Farmers – DreadBall Judwan Team

The Rupture Farmers

The Rupture Farmers

Judwan are a disenfranchised pacifist alien race circumstantially forced to play DreadBall.  Their game style is a fast and nimble one that is exceptionally well suited to passing plays.  While judwan can wrong foot opponents with Feint/Misdirect, they cannot slam, foul or use the ball as a missile: judwan cannot inflict harm in any way. Continue reading


Mee-Kel Judwan – DreadBall MVP

Mee-Kel Judwan

Mee-Kel Judwan

Mee-kel is the MVP associated with the judwan teams in DreadBall.  His name is a terrible pun relating to a famous basketball player. Continue reading

Q-Con / DreadBall Northern Ireland Regionals 2013


I made the 1000km+ road trip from West Cork to Belfast and back again last weekend.  The main motivation was to play DreadBall, but it also gave me an excuse to visit Belfast, a city that I had never been to before. Continue reading

DreadBall Irish Nationals / Conclave 2013


The view of Fortress Thomond as recorded by O.C.P. Patriots helmet cam during grav-chute deployment.

I played in the Irish DreadBall Nationals event last Saturday.  It took place in Thomond Park, arguably the most significant rugby stadium in the country.  That obviously also makes it quite an amusingly appropriate venue for a “sports” event like a DreadBall tournament. Continue reading


Gyrinx – L to R: Mr D’Arcy, Paul

I got a little distracted from my ongoing and quite substantial DreadBall project over the last few days and painted these two guys.  I did base one of the figures for use as a DreadBall coach though, so I didnt get completely sidetracked.

These furry little predators are domestic cat models bought from the sadly very soon to be no more Mega Miniatures, painted to represent a bit of old school 40k nonsense called “Gyrinx”. Continue reading

6 Steps to Attractive Balls


An Ursa Miner Bruin and an OCP Patriot with magnetic balls.

I attached magnets to the bases of my DreadBall miniatures.  I also magnetised the bases on my Blood Bowl teams a while back.  During play the ball (with corresponding magnet) can be quickly and easily placed on the players base, where it will stay during play.  It makes a surprisingly fiddly aspect of the game easier.  Those of you who have hardly given a thought to where you position your balls may be sceptical, but its worth the minimal effort. Continue reading

Power Armoured Libby – DreadBall Corporation Keeper


OCP Patriots Guard and Keeper (Libby)

OCP Patriots Guard and Keeper (Libby)

While prepping an extra guard for my OCP Patriots DreadBall team I remembered that I have had a Hasslefree Power Armoured Libby sitting in the box of unpainted Blood Bowl stuff for years now.  A bit like Barik Farblast and Flint Churnblade the Libby figure is better suited to the sci-fi DreadBall setting than it is to Blood Bowl anyway, so I modified the football Libby is carrying into something a bit more DreadBall-y and painted her up. Continue reading

Flint Churnblade – DreadBall Forgefather/Blood Bowl Dwarf

Flint Churnblade

Flint Churnblade

Another vintage addition to the Ursa Miner Bruins, Flint has been hanging around the unpainted figure mountain for ages.  DreadBall seemed like a good excuse to get him painted, so I went for it.


Continue reading

Barik Farblast – DreadBall Forgefather/Blood Bowl Dwarf


Barik Farblast

Barik is a 2nd edition Blood Bowl Star Player who overcame his racial inability to throw the ball satisfactorily by using a (surprisingly high tech) bazooka.  The models clean lines are quite a contrast with more recent Blood Bowl dwarf miniatures (which tend to look like Warhammer miniatures with their weapons clipped off rather than sportsfolk).  I think that the figure probably fits in better with a game of DreadBall than it does in Blood Bowl. Continue reading

Cialis Cowgirls – DreadBall Cheerleaders #1

Bambi, Tiffany & Candi.

Bambi, Tiffani & Candi.

Most Blood Bowl figures are a bit too fantasy looking to be suitable for use in DreadBall.  DreadBall miniatures are also a bit smaller than the GW heroic 28mm that Blood Bowl figures conform to, which also limits compatibility.

Those restrictions dont apply as much to the second edition Blood Bowl miniatures range.   Continue reading

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