Power Armoured Libby – DreadBall Corporation Keeper


OCP Patriots Guard and Keeper (Libby)

OCP Patriots Guard and Keeper (Libby)

While prepping an extra guard for my OCP Patriots DreadBall team I remembered that I have had a Hasslefree Power Armoured Libby sitting in the box of unpainted Blood Bowl stuff for years now.  A bit like Barik Farblast and Flint Churnblade the Libby figure is better suited to the sci-fi DreadBall setting than it is to Blood Bowl anyway, so I modified the football Libby is carrying into something a bit more DreadBall-y and painted her up. Continue reading


O.C.P. Patriots – Dreadball Corporation Team


I  finally finished my first Dreadball team, the OCP Patriots, a genetically pure human team. Continue reading

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