Flint Churnblade – DreadBall Forgefather/Blood Bowl Dwarf

Flint Churnblade

Flint Churnblade

Another vintage addition to the Ursa Miner Bruins, Flint has been hanging around the unpainted figure mountain for ages.  DreadBall seemed like a good excuse to get him painted, so I went for it.


I painted Flint at the same time that I painted Barik Farblast and I treated Flints chainsaw the same way that I treated Bariks bazooka.  Although there is justification for Bariks ball launcher being present in a DreadBall game, to date there is no in-game reason for a forgefather to carry a chainsaw around with him in the arena.

I dont really care though.  I saw an chance to paint a figure that had been sitting around for decades and went for it.  If Flints in-game presence is required then I will happily justify the saw somehow.


Like Barik, Flint is ever so slightly smaller than the forgefather miniatures, the guard in particular.  These old GW guys are shorter than average short DreadBall folk, but within normal racial parameters I think.



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