Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) #20: Katy

This fun little item didn’t go in a direction that I expected at all, but I like it.

I can’t guess this stuff any more, my ability to second guess is now mush.

Hey! A pretty slick looking pick up! Score!

The “Bedlam” is a pretty sleek looking pick-up truck, with a snazzy retrofuturistic paint scheme.

Initially when I looked at the design I thought that it might work well painted to match the Cyclops and the Gorgon, as some sort of higher tech, underlit support truck with a HERF gun or something sci-fi like that rather than just a brutal piece of ordnance.  But as I dug through my upgrade parts, it just didn’t quite work out that way.

Note the classic Dark Future “autocannon” on the right front fairing. I’m not looking for retro cred, but I do enjoy finally using hobby items that I have had in my possession since my teens.

My buddy Aiteal had supplied me with a number of 3D printed elements ready to turn my toy cars into instruments of destruction, but to date I had not managed to include any rocket launchers. The flatbed rear of the Katy proved perfect to mount the launcher (and also the inspiration for the name) and while that weapon is more high tech than the various machine guns etc already mounted on some of my toy cars, it wasnt’ quite the bleeding edge sci-fi high tech that I was after.

So I added another Aiteal 3D printed element already seen on the Ghidorah – the slightly ragged ram – and played with some etched plasticard to make some slightly higher tech mods than made for the Babadook for example.

The Argo, from Star Trek: Nemesis (which features a young Tom Hardy, for a tenuous post apocalyptic autoduel connection).

So I painted it in a grubby way, but didn’t add patched panels etc, which probably puts the Katy in with the Evil Twin and Ghidorah in terms of the organically evolving factions of autoduel teams that I am making.

Tesla “Cybertruck”, which is a real, roadgoing, publicly available vehicle.

I really am quite pleased with this one.  I went into it with one idea and came out with quite another, but I think that it worked out well.  Katy reminds me vaguely of both Picards “Argo” from “Star Trek: Nemesis and the “Cybertruck” from Tesla.  Not exact matches by any means, but all three would look feasible in an eighties/nineties sci-fi movie, which is fine with me.


Katy, Ghidorah and Evil Twin set off in search of… guzzoline or water I suppose. Maybe breeding pairs, I dunno.




9 Responses

  1. Well done for the Dark Future Autocanon 🙂
    Keep the rythm … Even if I don’t leave comment every time, I Watch every post about this very nice advent calendar challenge!

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    • Thanks for the feedback Nico!

      Time is precious, that’s what the “like” button is for. Commenting on blogs is time consuming and requires a certain amount of concentration, and I find it very difficult to keep up to date with other peoples blogs. I am therefore always pleased when anyone takes the time to do so at all on my posts.

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  2. “I do enjoy finally using hobby items that I have had in my possession since my teens.”

    So true! A lot of my bitz box is really old, since it was originally populated with plastic model kit leftovers and I haven’t made one of those in… decades. The turret on my “Hornet” is from a 1:300 Soviet naval sprue, and its gun is a landing gear strut from a jet fighter that a cat demolished 😆

    I like this vehicle, the concept is solid. I can picture it raining rockets on opponents from well in the rear, then roaring up to finish off any survivors with the ram. And it just looks badass, with the pipes and the louvered windscreen.

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    • Something about this one just clicked visually. Throw enough post apocalyptic poop at the wall and some of it sticks.

      The loose brief and deliberate attempt to largely be driven by what I have to hand, rather than preconceived plans, has made the Gaslands vehicles project a big user of odd old bits of kits and scrap that have been around since the 90s and occasionally 80s.

      I’m not saying that it was in any way particularly smart to drag some of that junk through my life for decades, but there is a satisfaction in finally using it all the same.

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  3. Another stonker mate!

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  4. Hoarding bits paid off! This one is my fave, looks like an El Camino in the Apocalypse!

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