Gaslands Turrets

Turrets show up in Gaslands games in a number of different ways, via scenarios and the like. I picked up a set of turrets along with some other pieces from “Impudent Mortal” recently, and the twelve of them were assembled and painted in a Xmas-y haze last week.


Wobbly hazard marking WIP.

The paint job was essentially the same recipe as discussed here, with a very basic (read as: “wobbly and inconsistent”) yellow and black hazard stripe pattern around the top of the turret, before I obscured about 80% of it with a variety of simple dirt and rust effects.


Mostly finished at this stage.

The pieces were simple to assemble and fun to paint. The design is nice too: totally unambiguous in all the right ways.


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  1. These are great, a simple yet elegant model and your colourscheme suits them perfectly.

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    • Thanks kryptovidicus!

      For this project I am trying to keep the terrain fairly muted in tone, with the actual playing pieces being a little more vibrant. As things that straddle the line between terrain and playing piece, I pretty much straddled that rule with the painting too.

      I think that they worked out.

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  2. They look nice, and I guess they can be used for other games and scales too. Hmmm, clever…


    • Definitely scale agnostic. They could easily show up in other games, although getting then ready for Gaslands was the priority.

      A fun sub project with multiple utilities 🙂


  3. Great work on them, must pick up some for my collection

    French Wargame Holidays

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  4. Very nice mate! A cracking little project to get done over the hols 🙂


  5. Nice. I have to paint mine (3D printed by a friend for me).
    Who makes the billboards? Looking for some…

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