Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) Xmas Bonus: Santa Claus

He’s made a list, checked it and delivered.
But enough about me, let’s have Dark Future Santa briefly guide us through the last 24 days post-apocalyptic blog output…

It’s bros… before ho-ho-hos… and Santa Claus is coming to town…
[CUE “Bad to the Bone”]

Enthusiasm for Gaslands has been high at Chateau Sho3box.
With toy soldier nostalgia being what it is, I liked the idea of trying to get my hands on some of the old Dark Future range, some of which I used to own first time around.  Captain Crooks is particularly good at tracking down this sort of thing, and within a very short period I had a large number of the old metal bikers and pedestrians from the range in hand.  They arrived about half way through December (and I owe Captain Crooks a seedy favour or three for that).

One of the Dark Future miniatures not listed was the Dark Future Santa Claus released in 1988, and part of the Citadel Limited Edition Santa Claus figures made available some Xmases in the Before Times, Before the Boom-Boom (I painted one of the 28mm Space Santas five years ago and Curis at Ninjabread painted the same sculpt yesterday)

One of the Limited Edition Dark Future Santas was included the lot of DF pedestrians that Captain Crooks hooked me up with, so it really had to be squeezed into the Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) somehow, so he is here as part of the wrap up post.  If not this Xmas, then when?  Had to be done.

“Ok greaseballs, you just made my “Naughty” list…”
[CUE “Sabotage”]

Back to the GSRA proper, firstly Santa introduces a shot of all of the non-vehicle elements of the project:

Next we have the eight vehicles that were part of the set:

Lastly, we have all of the 24 items that were modified from the Hot Wheels Advent Calendar 2019 for my Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) together.

If you want further information on any of the items in the photos shown, then the best thing to do is click on the “Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure)” tag and go to the individual post, each of which goes into a little more detail about that days item.

“Resurrection? Nah, that’s the other guy…”
[CUE “Freebird”]

Happy Xmas!


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  1. Happy Christmas! It’s been great to see this project develop, and this is the perfect finale. You ended up with a very solid Gaslands collection just from this… 😁

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    • Thanks for the feedback throughout the project Allison, and I hope that you are having a nice Xmas.

      The terrain element of this project has been quite fun really. The subject is maybe a bit of an odd tangent for some people, but I can easily imagine autoduels around this sort of setting in a movie to be honest. Depending on how retrograde the post-apoc civilisation has become, associated with how long since The Event, it could easily even be a “holy” place.

      But regardless of all that unnecessary justification, the Advent Set really is a good kick off point for Gaslands. Not what Hot Wheels Inc. intended of course, but that just makes it better again really.

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  2. Corr, that shot of all the non-vehicle elements together was exactly what I wanted to see – I was about to PM you to pause your Christmas celebrations and send me one. Thaaanks!

    Lovely work on the Dark Future Santa. He on a one or two euro cent coin? I have no idea about size with these Dark Future figures and their alien scale. Looking forward to seeing more of your civilians getting painted.

    Thanks for the link to Ninjabread! I almost borrowed your Frank Carson joke for my blog, but I didn’t want the best thing in the blog to be someone else’s gag.

    And Merry Christmas!

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    • I haven’t thought about that terribrilliant Frank Carson joke for years 😀

      It would be easy to get carried away with turning Xmas junk into Gaslands junk, but with some discerning I think that I can keep a balance. Captain Crooks spotted a few things that will add to the terrain set, without it becoming too much. Probably.

      Santa is based on a Renedra 20mm base. I used to use washers and coins on Epic items decades ago, and while the ferrous apsect of washers can be useful, I just don’t like the additional weight of the metal bases (which increases the chances of catastrophic disengagement when the fig falls) and the fact that metal bases always chip.

      The main angst that the base on Santa causes me is that it’s circular, in contrast with the bike bases in this project, which are rectangular. No need to worry though, as I have self-justification software running in the background at all times, the results of which should help me to find a bullshit reason to justify my reasoning AT ALL COSTS in a future online debate 😉

      Happy Xmas Curis!

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  3. Yes, this is the good stuff 😀

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  4. The perfect finale!
    Never heard of or saw the model before, but he’s perfect for this post.
    Outstanding work!

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    • I am actually rather pleased with myself for squeezing this one into the project for an encore. As you say, it could be a better subject model really.

      I only heard about the figure some time in this millennium, while digging around in and, finding out about figures that I would have lusted over back in the day. I didn’t consider tracking down the figure or ever painting it at the time, but it all fell into place for Xmas 2019.

      Happy Xmas kryptovidicus!

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  5. Well done mate – DF Santa rounds of the project perfectly!! You little cracker you 🤘😎

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  6. Very cool – and a really impressive overall set of DarkGasCar FutureLandsWars stuff you’ve put together and gotten painted up as well.

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    • Thanks Azazel.
      I’m working away from home a lot currently, and therefore finding faster turnover much more rewarding than individual pieces that cannot be completed over free time in a day or two. DarkCarGasFutureLandsWars fits this need well, when I use fun techniques that require minimal precision work, and therefore, because I am enjoying myself, the output quantity is high.

      It turns out that that my hobby time intended to make me happy, is most productive when it… makes me happy. It’s funny how a goal can sometimes become obscured by process.

      Happy New Year Azazel!

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  7. The icing on the cake. Fantastic work through all the project. This madness has been extremely inspirational. So cool to see how you managed to turn some really non-obvious elements into actual pieces for the setting.
    Merry Xmas and happy new year, Paul!

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