Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) #21: Log Pile

“There’s high ground, just beyond that pile of things.”

Not a car… struggling to guess at this late stage in the project…

A log pile. That’s pretty useful in a gaming context, no weird post-modern justification required this time.

Is it a pile of wooden logs? I doubt it.  It is a festive shape made from plastic or fibreglass to bring joy in times before the Boom Boom.
Regardless, it is a nicely sized piece of scatter terrain that will sit well in my Gaslands terrain.

“Cyclops to Gorgon: Looks like reports of wood have been greatly exaggerated.”
“Gorgon to Cyclops: That’s what your Ma said last night”.

Nearly there now… NEXT!


7 Responses

  1. Nice self-own by “Gorgon” there 😆

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  2. Poor Gorgon.

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  3. If this was an actual pile of carefully arranged logs then that’s just calling for a car to dramatically drive through in slow motion.

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    • Definitely.

      I want to put together a few piles of cardboard boxes, for that seventies cop show, driving-through-an-alleyway vibe.


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