Close Up Photos of my Tiny Balls

L to R: Blood Bowl 3rd ed, Blood Bowl 3rd ed, Blood Bowl 3rd ed with added base, Blood Bowl 2nd ed with added base.

I turn thirty-seven next week.  Perhaps I should have outgrown amusing myself with headings like the one above by now.  I remain entertained nonetheless.

The balls in question are for use with Blood Bowl, in case that isnt obvious.

L to R: Dungeonbowl spiked ball, Blood Bowl 2nd ed ball with base (green for unclear reasons), a scratch built bomb, a “Ball Squig” (originally a RT ork squig), Blood Bowl 2nd ed ball (painted blue because its “Enchanted”) and an Iron Ball made from a metal recast of the 3rd ed ball, distributed at the 2003 Blood Bowl.

Over the years Blood Bowl has had various rules for playing the game with alternatives to footballs.  Largely those rules were not great in my opinion.

My regular opponents didnt really want to add the sort of extra random factor that those… ball-ternatives brought to the game.  That changed after I had played a lot of Dungeonbowl with SOS/theottovonbismark and MT, so I made up a few of these little models.

We used the bomb in a few games and the Ball Squig too.  I think that we also used the spiked ball on at least one occasion.

All of the balls have a magnet inserted into the base that corresponds with magnets under the bases of my Blood Bowl teams, as modeled by the skaven mutant above.

The odd-balls may make a reappearance in some Dungeonbowl games soon.  Maybe.


Blood Bowl Halflings from 1995

I am doing some work on Blood Bowl miniatures at the moment, while also playing BB games on the Xbox.  I have my first  “real life” game of Blood Bowl for years coming up any day now, so its safe to say that game is the passion du jour.

That said, I wont have any new miniatures to show for a while yet, for a number of not terribly exciting reasons.  So I am planning to do a little retrospective on the BB teams that I have painted to varying standards in the past, starting today with the Goleen Gladiators halfing team.

These funny little guys have never seen very much action on the pitch (I mean, who wants to play halflings?).  They were a fun,  fast to finish project, full of characterful models: ideal.  Puggy Baconbreath (visible centre above) is an all time favourite figure of mine.  His determination is palpable: he is as focused as a halfling can get.

The paint job was straightforward and quickly applied.  Its a simple, bold and bright scheme that is well suited to both hobbits and Blood Bowl.

The miniatures are a mix of second and third edition Blood Bowl figures.  The third edition guys are easy to spot I think: they are the four largest figures.

There was a painted treeman with the team at one stage, but he fell into his component parts at some point and was subsequently stripped of paint.  Its possible that I will get around to painting him up in the gladiators scheme again some time.  Unlikely, but possible.

Fixer Upper

I found this model in a box in my mancave last week.  I had almost completely forgotten about it, even though the nondescript box that it lives in has been staring me in the face for seventeen years,

Obviously its a fantasy building of indeterminate sort.  Its quite large as these things go, so its probably an inn or coaching house.

I put it together from scratch in 1995 as a project for a course that I was doing.  The scale is a little off for 28/30mm figs, but its close enough.

The privvy is cute. I am absolutely astonished that it has survived intact for so long. Its 100% balsa construction makes it a bit like a city built on rock and roll: structurally unsound.

The piece isnt undamaged though.  Note that the circular window at the top of the photo above has fallen in to the structure.  The paint on the tiles is coming off in places in a disconcerting fashion too, as can be seen below along with the missing second chimney pot.  But all in all its in pretty good nick.

The chimney is made from air hardening clay applied in an effort to look like stone work.  The “stones” are a bit soft looking, but intact.

I am planning to fix some of the damaged areas and to add some light weathering.  I also plan to add a few posters to the walls plus a sign declaring the building a coach house or inn for use in Malifaux games.

I havent fully decided on a name for the establishment yet.  Considering the goofy steampunkhorrorvictorianwestern nature of Malifaux I am seriously considering naming it The Cowboy and Necrophiliac.  Thats what I have been calling Malifaux at home recently anyway (as in “Im off to play cowboys and necrophiliacs honey.  Dont wait up” or “I cant wait to get finished with this sexy nurse so that I can play cowboys and necrophiliacs with her on Tuesday when the lads come over”).

Admittedly The Cowboy and Necrophiliac is a bit of a mouthful, but it should make for funny signage.  Anyone have any better name ideas?


Clogheen Cannibals Pt 2

The Cannibals Goblin Contingent

The Cannibals Goblin Contingent

More of my orc Blood Bowl team continued from last week.  Note the pogo stick and chainsaw guys above.  On the other hand please do not note the chipped paint on the middle goblins spikey helmet.  Thanks.

Lineman and Blitzer

Lineman and Blitzer

Another Lineman and Blitzer

Another Lineman and Blitzer

Clogheen Cannibals Pt 1

Troll Blocker

The Cannibals Troll Blocker

Blood Bowl is one of, if not the best game that GW has ever made, right up there with Space Hulk.  The rules are fun and reward good play, even though luck always plays a part.  I would play the game a whole lot more if it didnt take way too long, almost always over two hours.  The fact that the result after that <two hours of brain burning activity is often apparent after five minutes compounds the game length issue.

Regardless, Blood Bowl can be really great fun and as a result I have quite a few teams painted up.  The one painted to the highest standard is the Clogheen Cannibals.

Cannibal Thrower and Lineman

Cannibal Thrower and Lineman

They worked out pretty “clean” looking for an orc team, but at the time I was pushing my blending and other painting techniques hard.  It show mostly I think, most of the figures are technically pretty good.

Two Cannibal Black Orc Blockers

Two Cannibal Black Orc Blockers

Two More Cannibal Black Orc Blockers

Two More Cannibal Black Orc Blockers

The rest of the team to follow next week.

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