Blood Bowl Halflings from 1995

I am doing some work on Blood Bowl miniatures at the moment, while also playing BB games on the Xbox.  I have my first  “real life” game of Blood Bowl for years coming up any day now, so its safe to say that game is the passion du jour.

That said, I wont have any new miniatures to show for a while yet, for a number of not terribly exciting reasons.  So I am planning to do a little retrospective on the BB teams that I have painted to varying standards in the past, starting today with the Goleen Gladiators halfing team.

These funny little guys have never seen very much action on the pitch (I mean, who wants to play halflings?).  They were a fun,  fast to finish project, full of characterful models: ideal.  Puggy Baconbreath (visible centre above) is an all time favourite figure of mine.  His determination is palpable: he is as focused as a halfling can get.

The paint job was straightforward and quickly applied.  Its a simple, bold and bright scheme that is well suited to both hobbits and Blood Bowl.

The miniatures are a mix of second and third edition Blood Bowl figures.  The third edition guys are easy to spot I think: they are the four largest figures.

There was a painted treeman with the team at one stage, but he fell into his component parts at some point and was subsequently stripped of paint.  Its possible that I will get around to painting him up in the gladiators scheme again some time.  Unlikely, but possible.


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  1. They are adorable!!!

    Gets easily killed but with a good treeman then they are quite able to bag a win!


    • They are adorable arent they? 🙂
      They look to me like they are getting ready for their first match and that they are not fully familiar with Blood Bowl levels of lethality. Only Puggy knows the truth, weeping on the inside for the fate of his comrades, but steeling himself for the victory that must be his.

      Although it can be fun playing against Halflings, in the occasional game they make fools out of the opposition, with the Master chef and the scary treeman filled Line of Scrimmage.

      Thanks for the feedback lordsiwoc!


  2. Great painting. They can be pretty decent on the table provided that you can put a couple of Treemen and Deeproot Strongbranch down with them.


    • I read a tactics article on running a Halfling team back in the nineties sometime. Two things stuck with me:
      1.Buy as many Treemen as possible.
      2.Dont get attached.

      Despite how the game has developed since then, I think that those two principles hold true for any halfling coach. The Blood Bowl pitch is a no place for sentimentality 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂


  3. Very nice, the paintjob is leaps and bounds better than anything I could produce in 1995! My orcs are from that time (and five years forward). I ought to show them, but they are very crude.


    • I have enough real life skeletons in my closet to be embarrassed about without worrying about people seeing how the quality of my miniature painting has changed over the years 😉

      While I dont particularly enjoy seeing photos of rubbish paint jobs, if they are shown in a context of how a painter has developed or experimented I find them interesting.

      Due to experimenting with different techniques for some periods myself, the standard of my painting went down rather than up from time to time.

      While I always gained something from the experimental process, I do wish that my vampire and lizardman teams had worked out better…

      Anyway, I say publish and be damned. Show us your 95 orc team Mattias. You have shown plenty of you great recent stuff, so it would be no harm to see how much netter you have become 🙂

      I painted BB orcs in 94/95 too and I took some dodgy photos a while back…

      Clogheen Cannibals


      At the time I decided to paint them to the very best standard that I was capable of and guess what? That team still isnt finished eighteen years later. That was a lesson in itself…


      • Allright, challenge accepted! I’ll take some photos of the poor things and publish them shortly (ie, in a week’s time or so).

        I remember the orcs, they still look very nice and the troll is fantastic! I need to get me some Grograt one of these days. I’ve got what I need for the Dungeon Bowl teams, but I suppose a troll star player or two wouldn’t hurt to have as freebooters for the many imaginary campaigns that I fantasize about.


  4. More teams! You have lots of nicely painted ones, more photos! You might even inspire me to someday finish my Orkses. 😉

    Seriously do the Skaven next, you have some really cool Skavens.


    • The skaven are up next actually, but I think that your memory of them may be somewhat rose tinted. The paint job on them is somewhat… workmanlike.

      You can report back tomorrow 🙂


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