Clogheen Cannibals Pt 1

Troll Blocker

The Cannibals Troll Blocker

Blood Bowl is one of, if not the best game that GW has ever made, right up there with Space Hulk.  The rules are fun and reward good play, even though luck always plays a part.  I would play the game a whole lot more if it didnt take way too long, almost always over two hours.  The fact that the result after that <two hours of brain burning activity is often apparent after five minutes compounds the game length issue.

Regardless, Blood Bowl can be really great fun and as a result I have quite a few teams painted up.  The one painted to the highest standard is the Clogheen Cannibals.

Cannibal Thrower and Lineman

Cannibal Thrower and Lineman

They worked out pretty “clean” looking for an orc team, but at the time I was pushing my blending and other painting techniques hard.  It show mostly I think, most of the figures are technically pretty good.

Two Cannibal Black Orc Blockers

Two Cannibal Black Orc Blockers

Two More Cannibal Black Orc Blockers

Two More Cannibal Black Orc Blockers

The rest of the team to follow next week.


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