Close Up Photos of my Tiny Balls

L to R: Blood Bowl 3rd ed, Blood Bowl 3rd ed, Blood Bowl 3rd ed with added base, Blood Bowl 2nd ed with added base.

I turn thirty-seven next week.  Perhaps I should have outgrown amusing myself with headings like the one above by now.  I remain entertained nonetheless.

The balls in question are for use with Blood Bowl, in case that isnt obvious.

L to R: Dungeonbowl spiked ball, Blood Bowl 2nd ed ball with base (green for unclear reasons), a scratch built bomb, a “Ball Squig” (originally a RT ork squig), Blood Bowl 2nd ed ball (painted blue because its “Enchanted”) and an Iron Ball made from a metal recast of the 3rd ed ball, distributed at the 2003 Blood Bowl.

Over the years Blood Bowl has had various rules for playing the game with alternatives to footballs.  Largely those rules were not great in my opinion.

My regular opponents didnt really want to add the sort of extra random factor that those… ball-ternatives brought to the game.  That changed after I had played a lot of Dungeonbowl with SOS/theottovonbismark and MT, so I made up a few of these little models.

We used the bomb in a few games and the Ball Squig too.  I think that we also used the spiked ball on at least one occasion.

All of the balls have a magnet inserted into the base that corresponds with magnets under the bases of my Blood Bowl teams, as modeled by the skaven mutant above.

The odd-balls may make a reappearance in some Dungeonbowl games soon.  Maybe.


7 Responses

  1. I turned 30 almost exactly a month ago, and the post title made me giggle. Well played, sir, well played 😀


    • Mission accomplished in that case Mikko 🙂


      • You might start experiencing some rather strange search engine hits in the near future, too.


        • Its possible, but despite the depths of depravity that humans often sink to, not many seem to be that interested in human testicles. In my experience neither women or gay men are terribly interested in bollocks but I am no expert, despite my advancing years.

          Either way, I will update here with the best search hits if any occur 🙂


  2. Ballsy post, I must say! I never went for magnets, but I think I will as it’s always such a hassle to have the ball stay in place.

    What date, Paul? I’m up for 37 on thursday next week. Libra power, regardless! ;D


    • The magnets are a recent addition truth be told, a bit of a dry run for Dreadball in some respects. I was wary for a while because I thought that I may have to start drilling holes into the bases, which would be troublesome now that the figures are painted.

      I found that a 3×1.5mm magnet simply glued under the base had sufficient force to keep the same size magnet in the bottom of the ball in place. Also it wasnt so strong that it dragged the player with the ball if the ball was picked up.

      It works better on metal figures because of the weight, obviously. A weaker magnet on plastic figures might counter the lack of ballast, but it may not be sufficient to do the job properly. Diameter 3mm by 1.5mm depth was what I had so I went with that.

      It is surprisingly convenient though, as the ball always falls off the players base during play. Some sculpts almost preclude placing the ball on the base at all.

      I am three days your senior Mattias: my birthday is next Monday, almost on the cusp of Virgo and Libra.



  3. […] attached magnets to the bases of my DreadBall miniatures.  I also magnetised the bases on my Blood Bowl teams a while back.  During play the ball (with corresponding magnet) can be quickly and easily placed […]


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