Keeping Up With the Carpathians

With two gothic horror vampire themed gaming opportunites due later this year, I figured that I would would play dolls house with my stuff in anticipation, and take some goofy photos… just to get the blood flowing.

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7TV Dracula promises some heavily themed, genre-savvy, fourth-wall smashing games…

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…and The Carpathians: Castle Fier is a Silver Bayonet expansion that will put some UV-sensitive, blood-sensitive, generally-over-sensitive types in the path of Napoleonic BPRD style special forces.


There is something very satisfying about setting up miniatures and little bits of furniture and (poorly) photographing them. Even better is using a really cleverly designed set of boxes to stand the little scamps around in.

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I had not come across the Tenfold Dungeon range before a couple of weeks ago. It is intended for primary use with role playing games, but I am hopeful that The Castle set above will work for some of the scenarios due in both of the above releases.
The 20 second video below explains how it works nice and quickly.

I couldn’t resist taking these photos with a Vlad & Izzy and a few bits of Mantic Terrain Crate furniture. That is because in another dimension, not very far removed from this one, I spent my life mucking around with dolls houses, rather than toy soldiers and Star Wars figure.

And no, this isn’t a shill. I paid for the set above (and a few more) and think that it is great. I’m itching to play a game or ten on it.

Vlad was so proud of his Sword of Unholy Power that he often took it out and waved it around in the drawing room.

7TV Inquisitor Pt 4

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And now, the conclusion…



A Matter of Honour – Act 3 – Vendetta

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7TV Inquisitor Pt 3

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A Matter of Honour – Act 2 – Rescue

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7TV Inquisitor Part 2

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And now, somewhere in the Segmentum Obscurus…



A Matter of Honour – Act 1 – Reconnaissance

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7TV Inquisitor Part 1


My 40K skirmish project has been bubbling away for a couple of years now, repeatedly spinning off into a number of sub-projects.  All of these have been fun to work on but the main goal – as always – has been to get a few games played.

Last weekend PB and I finally got around to playing a series of four games set in the 40K universe, themed around Dan Abnett style, super-spy type Inquisitorial actions.   Continue reading

7TV Inquisitor Weekend

THRILLING alien graveyard shoot outs!

THRILLING alien graveyard shoot outs!

PB and I got together to play some Inquisitorial retinue-centric, Rogue Trader style games last weekend using the 7TV rule set.  The four linked scenarios had solid, cheesy and melodramatic narrative and the rule set turned out to be pretty ideal for the purpose.  The session was good fun with lots of laughs and it was great to finally get all of the models that I have been painting for the last year or so on the table. Continue reading

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