Mushrööm Klöwd: Steev Tylork and Klem Fandangork




These items have been sitting near my painting table since July, waiting as other projects got bumped ahead of them in the painting queue.  The Gods of rock demanded their completion before the close of 2014 however…

"Waaagh this waaay!"


Although I bought the models in late 2013, the Mushrööm Klöwd sub project started properly last January when I painted the three classic old Kev Adams Goff/Goffik Rokkers/z (spelling varies) models.  The newly named Mushrööm Klöwd was an enjoyable project to work on and it turned out that the absurdity of the subject appealed to more than just me, which was encouraging.

Since then I have made additions to the line up, with a drummer and kitbashed drum kit and a Töör Bus joining the group before I brought the band to the Bring Out Your Lead/Oldhammer event at Foundry last summer, where the unit won a prize, hooray!


“Taaagh this waaaay!”

All that said, I knew that the band wasnt complete with a properly 80s hair metal style front man.  “Smash” (as I have christened the rocker in the top hat) is a great model, but I knew that I needed a dedicated lead vocalist front ork.  As much as I am not a fan of Aerosmiths back catalogue, these were the sorts of images that I found to be unavoidable influence.

With that in mind I kept an eye out for a miniature appropriate for the duty and and found that yes, one of the second edition era ork Weirdboy Warphead models was a dude that did in fact look a little like a lady.  Well, a bit anyway.  Maybe.

Ork Weirdboy Warphead

Ork Weirdboy Warphead

Steve Tyler

Steve Tyler

The bells hanging all over the model are perhaps more appropriate for a Weirdboy than for a rock front person I suppose, but lead singers (and Tyler in particular) are known for similar affectations, so what the hey.


Some scarves. Not the same as bells, but close enough.

The models staff had a Bad Moon icon on it.  I replaced the moons with a techy piece from a Mantic Marauder sprue that looks satisfyingly like a oldey-timey microphone.  I figured that was sufficient conversion to make the model suitable to “Taaagh this way”.


“Steeven, this is Klem Fandangork, can you hear me?”

I cant remember whether I decided to make a sound engineer when I spotted this model or vice-versa, but either way it was Suber over at Oldschoolworkshop who supplied the Stompa Gretchin crew model (thanks Suber!).

Tying the model to the band was simple enough – the headset and mic combo is fairly obvious link – but I decided to make a slightly crude but entertaining sound mixing desk for Klem to work at, just for fun.  The model needed to stand on a box in order to reach the console, but that adds a little individuality (and some mild amusement) to a model that will likely be used as an objective marker, so I like it.


EDITED to include another image with “NoyzKraft Kustom 200” logo as named by David Ackerman in the comments below.

Note hasty effort at branding on the left hand side of the desk.

Note hasty effort at branding on the left hand side of the desk.

The console was thrown together from “Hexagon” kit parts plus some pieces of styrene sheet and rod.  Its pretty crude, but it will appear in a game or two as an objective and make me laugh, which is good enough for me.

The dial goes up to eleven.

The business end of the Klöwd...

The business end of the Klöwd…

...and Mushrööm Klöwd on töör.

…and Mushrööm Klöwd on töör.


10 Responses

  1. Very nice indeed. As a longtime stagehand and occasional sound guy I am DEEPLY pleased to feel remembered. If you’re interested in painting a brand on your Konsole maybe it’s a NoyzKraft Kustom 200. (The number could be anything really, but my first desk was a Soundcraft Delta 200: a respectable but small British console.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, I love it when hobby work gives someone the warm-n-fuzzies 🙂

      _Great_ work on all these guys, I’ve literally never seen the Goffik Rockaz painted better than this.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for the kind feedback NSA, I appreciate it.

        I have definitely enjoyed putting the Klöwd project together and the reaction both online and in person has been encouraging. I suppose that some of that enthusiasm has shown in the finished group.

        An odd side effect is that I have picked up miniature ork bands from two other manufacturers since. Im not really that sure that I need to have three miniature ork bands really, but I am still enthusiastic about painting “Squig Squig Sputnik” at some future date.


    • Im glad that my whimsical addition to an already pretty goofy project appealed to the long neglected sound guys out there David (cue “Fall Guy” music) 😉

      I added a “NKK 200” to the side of the desk and added an additional image to the post above. Thanks for the helpful contribution of a plausible sounding name!


  2. Great work again, and an excellent choice of figures to be a vocalist and sound tech. I must admit, when I first saw the gretchin my initial thought was of Flake, though the singer isn’t undressed enough for Till. hmm…. maybe that’s what I should do with my own Goffik Rokkers if I ever paint them – thanks for the inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have been looking for a suitable keyboardist miniature for the Klöwd for a while now, but didnt come up with any. Klem is intended to be a sound engineer rather than a musician, but who knows how the bands sound will develop 😉

      Im a tourist when it comes to metal or industrial (or similar) music, but I do know that Rammstein songs were the ones going around in my head when I painted the models. The Rocker with the top hat is presumably a Kev Adams reference to Slash, but GnR never really struck me as the sort of music that orks might make. Rammstein seem more appropriate to me.

      Its definitely an amusing topic for discussion though 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback Azazel.


  3. Dude looks like a lady ? lol this band is a great gateway back to when GW where all about the fun of madness.
    Another great job well done sir.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the feedback Frank, Im glad that you like them.

      GW make fewer immediately obviously deliberatley for laugh minis than they used to I suppose, but they still make quite a few. The ogre ninja and ogre pirate from a few years ago are fantastic for example.

      The entire setting is inherently funny to me anyway (skeleton robots, armoured supermen on wolf drawn hover sleighs, hitting tanks with swords etc): its all about perspective 🙂


  4. Now I feel like Headbanging in a “rock out with my Cork out” style.

    That actually means I love this a lot.


    • The approval of the Klöwds number one fan – or the number one fans handler at least – is noted and appreciated 🙂

      Waaaghstönbury beckons…


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