Almost Famous

I opened up the Warlord Games newsletter last Friday and saw my own miniatures looking back.


This was a surprise to me.  By and large Warlord covers gaming eras and genres beyond my personal gaming remit, so I tend to skim the newsletter rather than pore over it.  But recently Warlord took over production of Mongooses Judge Dredd range and with pre-orders of the new rulebook going up they decided to put some photos of my figures from their forum up as a promo.

Warlord Page

I got a kick out of it 🙂

8 Responses

  1. That is rather cool – “Hey that looks just one I did!. Hang on a minute …”


  2. Vrry cool!
    This post reminds me that my Ape Gang isn’t still painted. Maybe this will be my next project.


    • Thanks obipobiobi. The ape gang is probably the very best set of miniatures for that game: they are really nice. Depending in when you got the set you may of may not have the orangutan boss model (the guy with the scarf holding a baby orangutan).

      If you dont have that model then I strongly recommend that you add it to the gang: its absolutely brilliant. I must get around to painting my Mega City Apes some day too. So many projects…


  3. Wow, well done and nice paint job


  4. Thanks for the positive feedback everyone. Having my figures up on their site like that is a bit of fun 🙂


  5. Great stuff, and those are some lovely paintjobs as well. Funny how a small bit of internet fame can really make your day!


    • Thanks Mikko. I like to game as well as paint, but painting takes up a lot more time. Knowing that it appeals to others in some ways is gratifying. That the subjects are Judge Dredd miniatures adds another level of satisfaction – a double whammy you could say (sorry).


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