More Brain Aliens


I painted some Ramshackle Tentacle Brain models recently.  I enjoyed painting the figures a lot and I liked the uncompromisingly daft pulp sci-fi look that they had, so I added some more brain and tentacle related models to the group to turn them into a larger skirmish sized force.



The first two are Cerebalites from CP Models.  If there is such a thing as a generic brain-alien, then I guess these guys might be it.  Easy to clean up, assemble and paint, the Cerebalites will function as some sort of officer/middle management class.

The Cerebalites are unarmoured and unarmed, but I guess that they leave much of the dirty work to the Tentacle Brain grunts.  Doubtless the Cerebalites have formidable psychic defences, like Professor X or Psyduck.  Aided by the common colour scheme the Cerebalites fit in well enough with the Ramshackle figures I think, although they are a more familiar trope than an armoured alien tentacled brain with a huge gun and adult toy.



The Medusharks (also from CP Models) above are designed as large aliens in 15mm scale, but I painted them for use as small tentacle related aliens in 28mm.  They are quite small models (those are 20mm slot bases) and I considered mounting them in groups on a larger base, but decided not to in the end.  They are more versatile for the sorts of skirmish games that I like when based individually.

The armour on the Medusharks models is a bit more organic looking than that on the tentacle brains, but I painted it to match the tentacle brain armour anyway.  I also included an abstract set of markings on the armour, as on the Tentacle Brains.  The line where the armour stops and the creature starts is blurred in a very familiar bio-tech way I guess.

The Medusharks are a cheap way to bulk out my alien brain forces a bit and to provide some easily exploded alien minions.

Eye Beast

Eye Beast

This last alien brain was this Reaper Eye Beast donated to me by COM from his recent Reaper Bones Kickstarter haul.  It was the first Bones miniature that I painted.

The Bones material has some up sides and a number of downsides, but I think that this figure came out pretty well.  Im not sure if it constitutes a leader model or some sort of floating alien brain brute type, but its an entertaining looking miniature  no matter.  I think that its some sort of not-Beholder from D&D, but it looks like a Doom Cacodemon to me (some Doom Wikia research has informed me that the Cacodemon was originally created from a scan of an Astral Dreadnought from a D&D book in fact).

“I say, can you direct me to the gift shop?  My friends and I seem to have become separated from our group.  Theres a good chap.”

I intend to add a vehicle to this force soon.  Beyond that I dont have any plans to add more to the evil brains, but if I come across suitable entertaining miniatures then I could see myself adding more to these guys.  The colour scheme is fun to paint.


6 Responses

  1. These are such cool sculpts! I’ve never even heard of them before but how awesome are they??
    Also you blending on these guys is just all levels of #incredibly-jealous #wish-i-could-do-that

    Also, been meaning to thankyou for the recommendation to get Game Colour Off White. I’m using it in virtually EVERYTHING now. Most useful colour in my collection easily. Thankyou thankyou 😀


  2. Thanks cappuccinogaming. The models come from three different sources, but they were each fun to paint for their own reasons.

    The blending genuinely isnt very complicated – I try to keep things simple and easily reproduced. Its just three colours layered on over black with an ink wash after the first layer.

    Game Color Off White featured a lot in painting the brains too. Its quality stuff 🙂


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  4. Came here through the SBH Yahoo group–wow! Awesome, inspiring work!


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