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Brain APC

The Thinktank

I have been having fun with ridiculous b-movie evil brain alien models recently, as documented here and here.  Although I would happily add a few more fun miniatures to the force, I dont “need” to add any further for now.  I did however want to give my Tenebrainians some sort of transport vehicle.

"Say cheeeese!"

“Say cheeeese!”

The most appropriate vehicle that I found was this old Kryomek “Grav Helion Drone Carrier” available from Scotia Grendel.  They also manufacture other similar but more heavily armed vehicles, but for now the scale of game that I want to play only requires a lightly armed APC sort of thing.  Arguably the vehicle is a bit on the small side but I imagine that most of the Tenebrainians are sort of squishy anyway and that quite a few could be squeezed in or out of it via its arsehole like access door.

I smell reinforcements...

I smell reinforcements…

The model was inexpensive and almost 100% free of bubbles and had few other resin imperfections, which was cool.  The model is supplied as a two part stand (the cloud of dust and the “whoosh!” thing), a turret and two hull halves, separated at the equator.  Joining the two halves was straightforward, but blending the two halves together with putty took a little while.  It was worth it to get a fun model like this on the table though.

L to R: GW Assassin, Scotia Grendel Kryomek Drone Carrier, Ramshackle Tentacle Brains

L to R: GW Assassin, Scotia Grendel Kryomek Grav Helion Drone Carrier, Ramshackle Tentacle Brains

The colour scheme used was the same as that applied to the other models in the force.  I am reasonably happy with the vehicle, although Im still not sure if I like the green window/lens things.  The brown cabling on the vehicle isnt as nice as the equivalent colours on the tentacles on the rest of the force either.  Thats mainly because the tentacles fold back into the vehicle which limits easy opportunities to easily blend colour from dark to light over the the length.

All the same I think that APC worked out reasonably well.  As I only finished painting it this morning I think that I need a little distance before I can take an objective look at it.

Tenebrainians versus Ursa Miners

Tenebrainians versus Ursa Miners


13 Responses

  1. That thing looks cool. I like the green windows and the illusion of inner light you get from it. It kind of looks like it is propelled by farts which suits the already innuendo laden collection of models….in your endo!

    I often wonder what the hell the Kryomek designers were thinking, this is the first time I ever saw this item, let alone painted. A lot of their stuff is really cool but some of it is muck. This one can’t have been that popular but I am happy you found an apt use for it.

    That force has come together very nicely indeed sir.


    • Regarding propulsion, the flying base is actually a sort of guff tooting its way out. And yes, this project does have a “Carry on Rogue Trading” level of orifice based humour. Thats just the way that it goes sometimes I guess.

      There are three variants of these Kryomek vehicles, APC, MBT and artillery equivalents. Each variant uses the same bottom half which is a choice of grav propulsion (as this one has) and track propulsion. With the nature of the weird floating brains in this force the vehicle just had to be grav.

      I first saw these vehicles a few years back and while they really are quite odd, there was always something that I liked about them. Im glad to have shoehorned one of them in somewhere (although the temptation to pick up one of each of the other two variants is quite high now). They are unique and should be applauded for that if nothing else.

      Im not very familiar with the Kryomek range really. Some fun robots, some dodgy humans and some Aliens xenomorph knock offs is all that I can think of.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  2. Nice work. The miniature is pretty amusing, and I think your bright colours and fun approach to the style really go well with it.


    • Thanks very much Argentbadger.

      All of the models in this force are amusing for one reason or another and some for many reasons in fact 🙂 They are all pretty decent sculpts though, even this vintage vehicle.

      The style of the models encouraged a certain lighthearted approach to the palette chosen for sure. To be honest I wasnt sure if I could pull it off. The colour scheme worked better on the troops than on the vehicle I think, but it worked out well enough all the same. I am looking forward to getting a few games in with them, hopefully the weekend after next.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  3. Holy smokes, your work is good!!


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