Fort Grayskull Part 6 (Final)

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

1/4 of the finished Fort ready for some Gorkamorka.

With Fort Grayskull finally finished I thought that I would put up shots of the finished elements.  The photos could be better (there is a bit of fish eye going on because I forgot to change the macro setting on the camera), but they should illustrate adequately.











Note the banner on the top right of the picture above.  Its the back banner from the first ork warboss that I painted back in 1990 or so.  As it seemed appropriate and fun for the model I added a little piece of plastic tubing to the side of that tower to accommodate banner poles to suit whatever setting or faction that I am using the piece for.


This wall section had some sorf of face sculpted onto it by a friend of mine back in 2001.  I suppose that a fortress such as this would have had many inhabitants over its lifetime in the post apocalyptic wilderness.  Some of them may have had a reason to carve a face into the wall I guess.






The fort was a big, quite tedious project for me that involved a lot of repetitive assembly line labour.  While I know that I could put some more work into the fort to make it more convincing, I wont be doing it any time soon. I do think that some of the companion pieces to go with this terrain should help to give it context and make it a little more authentic with a bit of luck.

My next (and related) terrain project is a shanty town suitable for post-apoc gaming, for gaming the slummier parts of Mega City One and for the vague possibility of gaming District 9.   I hope that the fortress above will look a little more convincing when placed in context with some of the terrain from that.

In the meanwhile here is a shot of some the fort parts being used to represent the post apocalyptic walled town of Standard Falls whilst under siege from zombies.


5 Responses

  1. That looks great from top to bottom, Paul. I was dubious as you were describing it, but you’ve done a magnificent job. Great paintjob. Lovely weathering. And it looks really playable.


    • ” I was dubious as you were describing it”

      Im still dubious to be honest, with my main concern being the colour: its still a bit too bright. I will need to put it in a box for a few years and then take another look before I get any perspective on it.

      I should be getting a game or two in June using it with a bit of luck. I am looking forward to that.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  2. Too bright? Nah. Looks great in the photos, and figures stand out better on a lighter background.


  3. It’s an odd thing and quite wonky looking, being a post apocalyptic castle, but it does the job very well! =D I’m loving it!


    • The fantasy/psuedo historical look to the castle was always going to be hard to cover up, so I decided to just roll with it.

      The end product is a bit wacky alright, but the look fits tolerably with the sort of settings that I play in and plan to play in (the 40K-verse, the Judge Dredd universe, cheesy post apocalyptic, space opera etc). Also, its a practical series of shapes to both play over and crucially, to store.

      I spent the weekend just past working on the shanty town that will on occasion be surrounded by the walls above. I think that when the shanty buildings are added to the fort it will look a little more like a post apoc version of a walled city from the middle ages, which might make it look marginally less outlandish.

      It wont ever look very “gritty” of course, but thats fine with me.

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂


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