Post Apocalyptic Vehicles

Some post apocalyptic wheels today.  As two of these sat around with just a black spray coat on them for the last year or so, I got a kick out of getting them finished last weekend 🙂

Whilst painted to be suitable for use by any of my PA figures, these resin models from Ramshackle Games are primarily going to be used as the vehicles for my “Bigdogz” ork mob in the post-apocalyptic Gorkamorka setting.

The vehicles were each painted in straightforward single colour schemes.  Largely this was to minimise confusion in game terms by aiding easy  identification.

I was tempted to add some more rusty areas but I as I wanted the vehicles to look battered but serviceable, rather than disintegrating, I held back a bit.

As I wanted to use the vehicles for non-ork-centric games as well as GoMo, I avoided too much obviously ork styling, even going so far as to add some more traditional sci-fi trappings like bar-code licence plates.  I like the implication that while these vehicles are obviously pretty rugged and heavily abused, that they exist in an environment that still has some more advanced tech, somewhere.

The weapons mounted on the vehicles are interchangeable mini turrets, attached by magnets.  I made them from various gun parts that I had access to.  Each weapon is mounted on a plastic disc which is glued to a washer.  The washer then sticks to countersunk magnets on the vehicles.  Simple but effective and convenient.

No. 7 above is a cute design I think.  It looks rugged and reliable.  Nothing fancy but able to take a pounding.  If I were stuck in a mehcanised post apocalyptic wasteland I think that of the three vehicles here, this is the one that I would choose as most likely to extend my lifespan.  The enclosed cab would help with radstorms, mutie marauders, ripperjack swarms and the like.

No 4 is a peculiar beast.  Its a fun looking vehicle I think, but I think that I need to add “something” to the paint job:  it is lacking a focal point.  Its perfectly adequate for use as it is but there is something missing and I cant put my finger on what that missing thing is.

No 3 is my favourite of the three.  Not as reliable as No 7, but streets ahead in terms of cool.  Of these three vehicles, this is definitely the road warriors choice I reckon.


5 Responses

  1. Excellent job on all the vehicles. I think they look good as they are. For focal point on number 4, you could try the yellow/black warning stripe thingy on the front bumber.

    I’d like to take the leap and paint dust/dirt on some of my diecast vehicles. Any advice you can give me on color/technique?


  2. Yeah hazard markings might be the way to go on no. 4.

    I have an aversion to weathering on my figures: I dont have the confidence to attack a finished paint job with a big ol’ brush.

    I have been experimenting with the orks regarding chipped paint and the like but the dirt was the easiest of all: I just drybrushed Raw Sienna acrylic onto the wheels and undercarriage of the vehicles. Thats it, nothing any fancier.

    Raw Sienna is also the main colour that I use to paint my gaming table and terrain bases (visible in the last photo), so it matches the board perfectly.

    I have never tried it with diecast stuff (but I do plan to at some point in the future). I suppose that the best way to proceed would be to try it on an easily replaceable die cast first.

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂


    • Sounds easy enough! So it’s just a matter of finding a good color to use and muster up the guts to use it.

      I feel a bit retarded for not already having tried this, but I don’t think I have any diecast vehicles I’m willing to offer. I’ll see if can find a suitable cheap toy car to test paint on.



  3. Nice job Paul! They really manage to stir the imagination almost to the point that I feel a bit of an urge for PA…I’ll be sure to slap myself a few times to get rid of such thoughts, of course.

    For #4, how about painting something on the front red part (the bit parallel to the forward bumper, above the lamps), or adding a decal there? The eye is naturally drawn to the front of the car, so a bit of something there might do the trick.


  4. Post apoc can incorporate anything from plate mail to orbital lasers to flying sharks to crossbows to zombies to cowboys to robots, you name it.

    While that can make the narrative a little inconsistent, it does make it a very flexible genre to game in.

    So what I am saying is that you already have a post apoc figure collection… loads of your stuff fits already.

    Both you and apeekaboo suggested adding something to the front. I think that I will probably add another of the silly smiley face (barely visible on the spare wheel cover in the second and final pictures) to a suitable panel on the front.

    Thanks for the feedback.


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