Da Bigdogz – Gorkamorka Mob #3: Motive Cyborks

Deluxe Kickin Legs and Traks

“Ladz, we can rebuild ‘im.  We ‘ave da tek.  We ‘ave da kapability ta build da world’s nastiest bionik ork.  Steev Austin will be dat ork. Betta, than ‘e was before.  Betta, stronga, fasta” etc. Ahem.

Kustom Thrusta Boosta & plain ol’ Bionik legs

Throughout the development of the 40K universe, orks have always been partial to physical augmentation, or “bioniks”.  This is a feature of Gorkamorka too, with mobsters going under the Doks knife (and hammer, and blowtorch etc) in between games.

The resulting augmentations are somewhat randomly assigned and as such it is pretty difficult to have suitable models available for every eventuality.  I decided to cover for many of the options as feasible by magnetising a pair of ork torsos and a set of six bionik legs from Kromlech.  As a result the torsos in these shots repeat.

Gyro Stabilised Monowheel & Telescopic Legs

The Kromlech parts are resin, but seriously they are probably the nicest resin parts that I have ever seen.  They are beautifully crisply cast and fantastic designs.

I had originally planned to make the bionik arm parts myself but when these “legs” arrived I changed my mind and ordered the Kromlech arms too.  If you ever the slightest desire to paint bionik orks then you owe it to yourself to buy those parts: they are exquisite.

The orks with the magnetised arms will appear at a later date.


7 Responses

  1. They did turn out pretty sweet. They look kind of mechanic grimy. Developments in magnet technology and availability in the past few years is to be loudly applauded. They’d be much nicer if the gun barrels were drilled though 😉


    • Hey Mark

      The practice that I have got from weathering the armour and mechanical elements of the Bigdogz has been very satisfying. Those simple techniques have altered how I approach painting quite a few things now.

      I am glad that you like the effect, as you are going to be seeing a lot more of it in my stuff for a while 🙂

      The magnets used on these guys waists are quite big (5mm diameter I think). When paired they give a really strong connection. It will be interesting to see if the smaller magnets that I am mounting in the second batch of cyborks are sufficient to hold the arms on to the shoulders well.

      “They’d be much nicer if the gun barrels were drilled though “

      I say thee nay. As previously discussed with the other gun barrel fetishist it takes too much time and is too fiddly, although the end result is *is* better.

      You will be hoisted by your own petard regarding this and no mistake. I cant wait to see your unfinished ork mob, replete with super realistic drilled out gun barrel action 😉

      Thanks for the feedback!


      • They look great so they do. I wish I had some too.


        • The resin Kromlech parts are brilliant. I cant recommend them highly enough.

          Your Freebooter boyz have a lot of promise. I am looking forward to a proper update on their progress.

          Thanks for the feedback Seany.


  2. How bizarre! I feel distinctly old when I see them, but I like them a lot. Steve Austin was a good deal sexier than this…


    • “Steve Austin was a good deal sexier than this…”

      and by that reckoning Jaime Summers was off the charts 😉

      The original cybork figures from the late eighties/early nineties were actually a bit weirder looking. These guys look sensible and somewhat practical in comparison with the slightly more clockwork, slightly more steampunk older cyborks.

      With screwy guys like these figures in conjunction with the seventies-concept-album-cover looking fort my post apocalyptic table is looking decidedly science fantasy at this stage.

      Thanks for the feedback Andrew. Im glad that you like them 🙂


  3. […] that feature on the larger Bigdogz miniatures (like the Ripper Suits/Mega Armour, Deffkoptas and Cyborks) because I thought it suited the models.  Plus it reminds me of Stryper, a band even more […]


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