Da Bigdogz – Gorkamorka Mob #4: Vintage Cybork, Yoofs & a Boy

A Yoof, an Armoured Boy/Cybork and another Yoof

The Yoofs and Shoota boy are pretty standard Bigdogz fare at this stage, but the middle guy above is a curiosity.

I bought the figure in the late eighties and half painted it to match the first group of orks that I painted, shown here, but I never finished it.  Over two decades later the Bigdogz project gave me a second chance with it.

I didnt do anything spectacular with the figure, I painted him in a similar fashion to the metal areas on the rest of the figures and vehicles.  I was tempted to add tusks, to tie the figure in better with the newer models but I didnt bother.  I slightly regret that now as I think that the figure would fit in better with the rest if I had.  Hardly worth losing sleep over though.

Yoof with Six Shoota and Shoota Boy

The Shoota boy is another weapon swap with the simple Assault on Black Reach ork models, like the enthusiastic guy in the second photo here, which is why he is shooting that massive gun one handed.  Fair play to him.


2 Responses

  1. Excellent brush work, I really like your painting style. Looks like every brush stroke has a meaning. The scimitar and their faces are good example of that.



    • Thanks for the compliments apeekaboo, very kind 🙂

      I should have about forty-ish figures painted to that standard shown by the end of the project.


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