Da Bigdogz – Gorkamorka Mob #1: A Nob, a Yoof & two Boyz

My main project in production (rather than in the research and resource acquirement phase) is a mob of orks primarily intended for use in Gorkamorka.  

Gorkamorka is a Mad Max-esque post-apocalyptic bumper-car fest where everyone is an ork and therefore largely immune to incoming bullets.  The plan is that this premise will provide much hilarity.  Heres hoping 🙂

To that end I have bought some orks and added them to the other ork figures that I already had in storage.  They are currently all in various states of WIP but the end results will look a lot like like the Bigdogz shown here.

A Nob and a Yoof

I spent some time working out a colour scheme and painting plan for these guys that would be both effective and easy to reproduce quickly.  Details of that process can be found here and here.

Suffice to say that a look that was reminiscent of Mad Max II was at the forefront of the process.


These figures dont match the evil freak savages in Mad Max II exactly of course, with green skin being a dead giveaway for starters.  I did want to get the overall dark leather look punctuated by very few brighter colours (often red) though.

I think that I achieved it with these guys.  Crucially, I am able to churn these guys out at this standard at a prodigious rate (for me at least).  That should mean that I will have every ork miniature that I own painted within a month or two.  Not having a bag of half finished “spares” lying around after this project would be a kick all of its own.

Yoof and Mobster (Boy)

Some more Bigdogz will be coming up soon.


4 Responses

  1. The orks are brilliant, great idea, I have always loved the orks especially the vehicles.


    • Thanks Fran.

      When painting the orks it really is all about their huge, characterful faces. You can get away with murder taking short cuts on the rest if the faces are alright.

      The new(ish) GW ork vehicles look like great kits (and you enjoyed getting a few together recently I remember).
      Currently I dont have any of those though.
      I have been mechanising my boyz with vehicles from Ramshackle Games (the same guys that make The Krusher).

      I will have some photos of the Bigdogz wheels up soon.


  2. Very nice, bright paint job. They’ll look good on the table.


    • Thanks Andrew. The contrast is good and the colours are bright without being too gaudy I reckon.

      They “pop” quite well against the predominantly reddish terrain that I have been making for gaming with them on too. The orks have turned into a very satisfying project I am glad to say 🙂


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