Judge Fear


Judge Fear

Like Judge Mortis last time, Fear is a Dark Judge.  Of all of the Dark Judges he sports perhaps the most preposterous outfit, which in the context of the Dark Judges is really saying something. Continue reading

Judge Death

Judge Death

Judge Death is the leader of the Dark Judges and the archenemy of Judge Dredd and/or Judge Anderson. Continue reading

Judge Mortis

Judge Mortis

The Dark Judges are foes of Judge Dredd that hail from “Deadworld”, an Earth like planet located in another dimension.  Like Dredd they are law enforcers but the Dark Judges laws are even more draconian than Mega City Ones famously strict codes: the Dark Judges eradicate all life in order to eradicate all crime. Continue reading

Judge Dredd in the Cursed Earth

PB and MT visited a few weeks back for a gaming weekend.  In addition to the boardgames that we had planned we also wanted to get a game or two of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game and In the Emperors Name played.

We set up the post apocalyptic shanty town of Standard Falls as shown above.   Continue reading

Running out of Patients Pt 4

The final batch of patient zeds, this time painted in that familiar greenish scrubs colour.

There were quite a few of these guys in this batch and I was getting sick of painting zombies (it does happen to me from time to time).  But I persevered.  I also left this gown colour to last as I thought that it would be the most evocative and therefore satisfying to finish.  That in turn would help to spur me on through the last few figures.

It has been a while since I painted a batch of figures as large as the patient zeds.  I am not in a hurry to do it again.  While the end product is very pleasing to me as I like how they came out quite a bit, some of it was a slog.  So much so in places that it almost burned me out a bit.  So its smaller batches from here on.

The green came out quite well in my opinion: it looks pretty much exactly as I think it should.  The green guys and the blue guys worked the best I think, but the others look fine too.

Here is a shot of the whole lot of them, with Patient Zero from early 2010 plonked in too.  His gown doesnt look as nice as the gowns on these guys (in some ways his colours were a test run for these figures).  They look good as a group I think.

The end of a trying but ultimately satisfying sub project.  Comments and criticisms all invited 🙂

Running out of Patients Pt 3

A post regarding the authors penultimate batch of patient zombies, where a twentieth century attitude to the wearing of pink garments by men is revealed.

Although I am sure that many real life male patients are forced to wear pink/peach arse-exposing gowns whilst in hospital, I wasnt going to subject any of my male hospital zombies to that.  They have been through enough already.

So as the Mantic zombie and ghoul sprues dont feature any double X chromosome corpses, I mainly used Studio ladies in this lot.  I also added a disproportionate number of gender-neutral-from-the-waist-down (?) Mantic legs with bloody spinal cords, just to increase the amount of figures in this pink batch.

After painting these figures I played the Left 4 Dead “No Mercy” hospital based campaign on Xbox 360.  Then I played the House of the Dead: Overkill “Ballistic Trauma” hospital level on Wii before I went on to the final batch of patients.  Im all about the research.

Running out of Patients Pt 2

Back in mid December I put up a post showing my first batch of Studio zombies and Mantic ghouls and zombies painted to look like modern hospital patients.  They went down well and encouraged me to finish the remaining twenty or so over the following period.  I finished the lot at some point in February.

The first of the remaining three batches is zombies in white.  As the zombie flesh that I have been painting is pretty monochrome, I felt that the gowns were blending into the flesh a little.  To remedy this I added a thin wash of old GW Purple Glaze over the flesh tones on this batch.

Its pretty subtle, at least as far my painting goes anyway.  I like strong contrasts that are visible at the distance from the viewer to the game table, rather than beautifully executed blending that is invisible at a distance.  Still, the batch didnt turn out looking like Barney or anything, so it worked out fine.

I find painting white to be a chore and these guys were no exception.  I think that it came together in the end though.  There is a GW component used in the group shot above, which makes it the only non-Studio or Mantic component used in the entire “patient” project.

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