Running out of Patients Pt 3

A post regarding the authors penultimate batch of patient zombies, where a twentieth century attitude to the wearing of pink garments by men is revealed.

Although I am sure that many real life male patients are forced to wear pink/peach arse-exposing gowns whilst in hospital, I wasnt going to subject any of my male hospital zombies to that.  They have been through enough already.

So as the Mantic zombie and ghoul sprues dont feature any double X chromosome corpses, I mainly used Studio ladies in this lot.  I also added a disproportionate number of gender-neutral-from-the-waist-down (?) Mantic legs with bloody spinal cords, just to increase the amount of figures in this pink batch.

After painting these figures I played the Left 4 Dead “No Mercy” hospital based campaign on Xbox 360.  Then I played the House of the Dead: Overkill “Ballistic Trauma” hospital level on Wii before I went on to the final batch of patients.  Im all about the research.


6 Responses

  1. That’s some commendable research indeed. I really admire the way you’re not averse to looking into the subject you’re dealing with, even if it is boring and requires a lot of work.

    As is traditional, I should get to work on my Mantic stuff.


    • Thanks for the scholarly fist-bump kemo sabe. Us hard working studious types need to stick together 😉

      A friend of mine once stopped his daily routine of playing Tekken and read a book for the evening. The problem was that he should have actually been studying Tekken because he was in a national Tekken qualifying heat the following day. He didnt study simply because he was supposed to.

      Unfortunately thats the sort of study mentality that prevails with me too. I spent study time in advance of a psychology exam last year reading instead of studying. I chose to read a cat psychology book when I should have been reading a human psychology book. A more vivid example of self-defeating masochism would be hard to find I think.

      Idiotic self-destructive impulses all round here when it comes to academia Im afraid. Except when it comes to the important 28mm stuff: thats serious business.


  2. Hey Paul, just realized we share more than one common interest. Add me on XBL! GT is Mappenelli (used to have Phreedh ages ago on the original xbox, lost the details)

    Don’t have L4D… any good single player?

    On topic – really like the pink gowns. Looks great with the skin. I’m fighting gender stereotypes, our son has two pink jammies. Clouds on one, hearts on another! =D


    • I will friendify you over the next couple of days in that case Mattias 🙂

      I love L4D (and L4D2). The single player is fine but it really is a game designed for multi player interaction: its all co-op and basically the players fight through a few levels and then get to various set pieces, make a plan and then watch it fall apart when they get attacked Zulu style by many infected. Its great fun.

      Even if you dont get to play L4D multi player very often both games are cheap now and well worth trying out.

      Thanks for the feedback re the figures: I am glad that you like the pink.

      Regarding gender stereotypes, I reckon that you are right to dress your infant son in pink, even if its only to observe how differently people will react if they assume that he is a girl and how they will “correct” their attitudes toward him when they realise that he is male.

      I was actually surprised at my own resistance to painting pink on the male figures. I am far from a macho type and like to think of myself as at least a little in touch with my feminine side, so the pink thing came at me from from left field a little. I am still not liberated enough to wear my favourite mens pink t-shirt yet though:


      • Ah, more common interests… I love PBF, spent many work days reading through their archives. =)

        It’s the whole multiplayer thing I’m reluctant to. I like games I can pick up and play a little while, put down for 15 minutes and then pick back up after fetching the laundry or something similar. Need to grease the gears of marriage.

        Perfect games so far have been Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fable 3 as my wife enjoyed watching me play those. She even asked me to play Oblivion “for her” several times. =) Wish that was true for painting too!


        • PBF is a gem alright.

          RPG type games like Fallout just arent my thing these days. The setting for Fallout is exactly my thing, but I just couldnt get into it. I really want to like it and to get into it, but I find it too involved to suit me. I felt the same about Mass Effect, even while friends get emotional when talking about it.

          Online multiplayer with friends is my favorite aspect of Xbox. I am geographically removed from my buddies so it has been great for keeping in touch. I dont really ever play with or against strangers though, and some people do that almost exclusively.

          Horses for courses etc. Its funny how video gaming has evolved to the point where two people playing on the same platform could potentially not have any games and game styles in common.


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