Running out of Patients Pt 2

Back in mid December I put up a post showing my first batch of Studio zombies and Mantic ghouls and zombies painted to look like modern hospital patients.  They went down well and encouraged me to finish the remaining twenty or so over the following period.  I finished the lot at some point in February.

The first of the remaining three batches is zombies in white.  As the zombie flesh that I have been painting is pretty monochrome, I felt that the gowns were blending into the flesh a little.  To remedy this I added a thin wash of old GW Purple Glaze over the flesh tones on this batch.

Its pretty subtle, at least as far my painting goes anyway.  I like strong contrasts that are visible at the distance from the viewer to the game table, rather than beautifully executed blending that is invisible at a distance.  Still, the batch didnt turn out looking like Barney or anything, so it worked out fine.

I find painting white to be a chore and these guys were no exception.  I think that it came together in the end though.  There is a GW component used in the group shot above, which makes it the only non-Studio or Mantic component used in the entire “patient” project.


4 Responses

  1. Looking great, like the previous batch. I like how you did the whites, and am really digging the monochrome-ish look. I need to get round painting those!


  2. Thanks Mikko.

    I am enjoying painting zombie flesh as above. Its a little time consuming (by my standards anyway) but the finished look says “zombie” to me in a way that previous methods have not.

    They dont look like healthy humans but they dont look as comical as they can look with green or purple tones either. I think that I can safely say that I have locked down my zombie flesh technique for another while at least.

    Another batch up both next Wednesday and the Wednesday after.

    ” I need to get round painting those!”

    I suggest that you get cracking on your zombie seminary, as sort of discussed with the last batch of patients 🙂


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