Dr Javad

Dr Javad

Dr Javads plan has succeeded, although he had not planned to martyr himself just yet.  That part was an accident.

The weaponised zombified test subjects contained in units Z7 and Z8 are already entering the first stages of reanimation and will soon strike against the infidels like the holy weapon of God.

Biological Weapons Containment (compromised)

Dr Javad is one eighth of my recent project to make zombie spawn points for my games.  As zombies show up during games they will be placed in contact with one or more of these spawn markers.

Each marker is a very small diorama or collection of bits and pieces stuck to a 60mm base.  Most of them are pretty similar in theme but I had a little more fun with a couple more.  I think that this marker with Dr Javad is probably my favourite.

The concept is that the two blue boxes are some form of high-tech containment unit for the transport of zombies.  These units are carried to their strategic destination by evil terrorist/corporate types.  Subsequently the containment units are opened by some prearranged signal which can then release these disease vectors right in the heart of the infidels/testing areas.

The idea is mainly ripped off from Patient Zero, a cheesy book that I read recently (reviewed here on Dawn of the Lead).  That book was in my opinion pretty trashy, although I enjoyed the non-fiction Zombie CSU (written by the same author and again reviewed here) significantly more.  All the same, like a lot of hard-boiled pulp fiction, Patient Zero contained a lot of inspiration for gaming.

The story in Patient Zero is that nasty terrorist types have created the Sief al Din (Sword of the Faithful) virus and are planning to release it throughout the US.  They used “big blue phone-booth-sized containers” to transport the zeds and that is what I tried to represent with the resin sci-fi crates from Fenris games.

Rather than just have a couple of the crates plonked on a base I decided to add a scientist to the base too.  As everyone knows that when scientists try to play God that everything inevitably goes South, I used a Wargames Factory zombie that I got in a trade to represent the scientist in a zombified state.

I replaced the scientists hands with hands from a Mantic ghoul for a few reasons: the WF zeds hands are tiny and shit and the ghoul hands are gangly enough to be crudely bent into a position that they could hold the laptop that I made from plasticard scraps.

The laptop was added for fun and to show that the scientist is likely to have had something to do with the containment units, rather than simply shambling past them.  The “hazardous” transfers plus the numbering and lettering Letraset help with the industrial scientific look I think.

Finally I painted a few of the recesses in the unit sides to look like status lights (Han Solo in carbonite anyone?).  Again, as with all dealings with zombies where anyone thinks that they can control them, one of the status lights is in the red.  Its only a matter of time…


8 Responses

  1. Nicely done.

    -Jonathan Maberry
    author of PATIENT ZERO and ZOMBIE CSU.


    • Jonathan, thank you for the positive comment.

      I certainly didnt expect my toy soldier project to get a response from the author of the book that inspired it.

      I am glad that you approve 🙂


  2. A well executed and fun idea, and a loving tip of the hat to those of us deep in the zombie know.

    I really like your painting on the containers, very nice work. The single red light is a lovely touch! That’s a great way to create a little narrative vignette with a simple splash of colour.

    Good to see those WF zombies going to use as well. And as usual, keep up the good work!


    • Mikko, I am glad to have got such an apt use of of one of the WF zombies that I traded with you. In a strange way it makes little projects like this all the more fun.

      The blue shade for the containers was chosen so that they looked plastic, something like the boxes that medical “sharps” are dumped in or similar. They were painted quickly but turned out as well as I could have hoped really.

      The little green/red lights came about as a result of the details on the models as much as anything else, but they turned out to be more or less exactly what the thing needed.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  3. A nice idea for spawn points, and well executed too. Great job!


    • Thanks apeekaboo. There are another seven spawn points to show, but Dr Javad is probably my favourite.

      The majority of the others follow a common theme (a Return of the Living Dead Pt II theme, if that means anything to you 😉 )


  4. Don’t be shy! Put up some pics of the other spawn points too. 🙂

    Sorry, there was a long time ago since I saw any of the RotLD movies… Maybe I should seek them out, just for kicks. “Brenda, please let me eat your braaaaaaiin!” 🙂


    • The other spawn points will show up as “Zombie of the Week” over the next while, followed by a post with the remaining points that dont qualify under that heading.

      “Sorry, there was a long time ago since I saw any of the RotLD movies”

      I watched RotLD2 last week: it is just as I remember it – rubbish.

      It is where the whole thing about zombies saying “Braaaaaains!” comes from though, so that gives it some novelty value at least.


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