Running out of Patients Pt 2

Back in mid December I put up a post showing my first batch of Studio zombies and Mantic ghouls and zombies painted to look like modern hospital patients.  They went down well and encouraged me to finish the remaining twenty or so over the following period.  I finished the lot at some point in February.

The first of the remaining three batches is zombies in white.  As the zombie flesh that I have been painting is pretty monochrome, I felt that the gowns were blending into the flesh a little.  To remedy this I added a thin wash of old GW Purple Glaze over the flesh tones on this batch.

Its pretty subtle, at least as far my painting goes anyway.  I like strong contrasts that are visible at the distance from the viewer to the game table, rather than beautifully executed blending that is invisible at a distance.  Still, the batch didnt turn out looking like Barney or anything, so it worked out fine.

I find painting white to be a chore and these guys were no exception.  I think that it came together in the end though.  There is a GW component used in the group shot above, which makes it the only non-Studio or Mantic component used in the entire “patient” project.



(To the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)

Randolph the zombie reindeer,

Caught the virus from his clothes,

And if you ever saw him,

He would try and bite your throat,

He hated the other reindeer,

And so he ate all of their brains,

They never bet poor Randolph,

Would enter a state of prion induced cannibalistic living death that would result in their souls being drained.

100% Polyester

Randolf is my favourite figure from the Studio Miniatures “A Christmas Nightmare” pack.  Like the majority of Studio Miniatures stuff, the figure is very nicely sculpted.

My painting worked out well here I think, as I was concerned that Randolphs costume would look like the appropriate horrible, cheap and sweaty material rather than actual fur.  Having spent a couple of hours in a Sylvester the Cat outfit many years ago, getting that part of the painting right was a priority.  I can still remember the smell, and I wasnt even dead.

Happy Secular-mas.

Running out of Patients Pt 1

Out Patients

I had two zombie miniature related problems.  One issue was that the Mantic zombies and ghouls that I owned were going to be hard to make look like modern figures.  The second problem was that I didnt have any figures that I had specifically designated for use as fast/rage zombies in games.

I decided to kill two birds with one stone by theming my fast zombies as hospital patients.  That way the slightly odd toga like clothing could be painted to feasibly look like hospital gowns.  Thematically, the idea that some sort of “cure” administered in a hospital could have backfired and had a negative effect that created a more hyperactive version of the infected works for me.  You could call it the “running” out of patients maybe, but Id rather you didnt.

Having recently picked up the Studio Miniatures Big Zombie Deal I also decided to add the patients from Zombie Mob 5 who also fit nicely with my Patient Zero figure from last year.  Hopefully the “proper” dead patients lend some authenticity to the Mantic stuff.

In keeping with how I am basing my zombies for gaming, fast zombies have a hex-base, while regular zombies have standard round bases and so on.  Just in case anyone is wondering about why the bases vary.

As ever the figures are painted to a decent enough tabletop standard and definitely not as display pieces.  This is the first batch.  I have a few more batches coming up with similar skin tones but wearing different gowns and the like.  There will be twenty eight or so when the sub-project is finished.

Dr Javad

Dr Javad

Dr Javads plan has succeeded, although he had not planned to martyr himself just yet.  That part was an accident.

The weaponised zombified test subjects contained in units Z7 and Z8 are already entering the first stages of reanimation and will soon strike against the infidels like the holy weapon of God.

Biological Weapons Containment (compromised)

Dr Javad is one eighth of my recent project to make zombie spawn points for my games.  As zombies show up during games they will be placed in contact with one or more of these spawn markers.

Each marker is a very small diorama or collection of bits and pieces stuck to a 60mm base.  Most of them are pretty similar in theme but I had a little more fun with a couple more.  I think that this marker with Dr Javad is probably my favourite.

The concept is that the two blue boxes are some form of high-tech containment unit for the transport of zombies.  These units are carried to their strategic destination by evil terrorist/corporate types.  Subsequently the containment units are opened by some prearranged signal which can then release these disease vectors right in the heart of the infidels/testing areas.

The idea is mainly ripped off from Patient Zero, a cheesy book that I read recently (reviewed here on Dawn of the Lead).  That book was in my opinion pretty trashy, although I enjoyed the non-fiction Zombie CSU (written by the same author and again reviewed here) significantly more.  All the same, like a lot of hard-boiled pulp fiction, Patient Zero contained a lot of inspiration for gaming.

The story in Patient Zero is that nasty terrorist types have created the Sief al Din (Sword of the Faithful) virus and are planning to release it throughout the US.  They used “big blue phone-booth-sized containers” to transport the zeds and that is what I tried to represent with the resin sci-fi crates from Fenris games.

Rather than just have a couple of the crates plonked on a base I decided to add a scientist to the base too.  As everyone knows that when scientists try to play God that everything inevitably goes South, I used a Wargames Factory zombie that I got in a trade to represent the scientist in a zombified state.

I replaced the scientists hands with hands from a Mantic ghoul for a few reasons: the WF zeds hands are tiny and shit and the ghoul hands are gangly enough to be crudely bent into a position that they could hold the laptop that I made from plasticard scraps.

The laptop was added for fun and to show that the scientist is likely to have had something to do with the containment units, rather than simply shambling past them.  The “hazardous” transfers plus the numbering and lettering Letraset help with the industrial scientific look I think.

Finally I painted a few of the recesses in the unit sides to look like status lights (Han Solo in carbonite anyone?).  Again, as with all dealings with zombies where anyone thinks that they can control them, one of the status lights is in the red.  Its only a matter of time…

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