Ghost Archipelago: Dire Straits Weekend

Six of us got together for a pirate themed post-Covid gaming session a few months ago, me hearties

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Skaven Warlocks

“Magic is just science that you don’t understand yet! Now eat Mind Bullet Incantation Cannon!”

With Frostgrave 2nd edition on the way, I decided to paint a magical ratman duo.

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Frostgrave at Knavecon


A little over a week ago thirteen players from Ireland, the UK and France congealed in Limerick, ready to lock as many nicely painted 28mm horns over evocative miniature landscapes as time between fart jokes would allow.

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Fantasy settings require treasure, so I put together some treasure markers.

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Sorceress and Apprentice


Eventually, I reach the focus of my Frostgrave project, the magic users Mizuki and Ryuhime.


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Samurai, Ninja, Orc


Real life is rather busy at the moment, so these four took a little longer to finish than I had hoped.  But I like the way that they turned out all the same.

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Shonen Knives: Ronin #2

Three Ronin

Three Ronin

Three more experiments in miniature kimono patterning visual shorthand bring my Shonen Knife painted miniature total up to twelve.

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Shonen Knives: Ronin #1


Im not certain whether this figure is supposed to be an ashiguru or samurai (or something else) but for the purposes of this post, he is a ronin. Continue reading

Ninja(s) #1



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Frostgrave: The Shonen Knives


I dont get involved with a lot of Fantasy projects, but this year Im jumping on board the Frostgrave bandwagon.

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