Gretchin Zero/Pulp Gobbo



Last year I bought a number of the Goblinaid miniatures that can be shoehorned into my own projects.  The first of my Goblinaid gobbos to be painted is this guy, Bob Murch’s “Pulp Gobbo” (played by Alec Baldwin in the eventual movie).




I painted this little creep to serve as Zodgrods second in command, the sort of hyper-successful super grot experiment that Zodgrod was never able to repeat.  I mean sure, some of the super runts that Zogrod has trained/engineered since have been bigger or tougher, but none of them have been as cunning and crafty as Gretchin Zero.  None of the others have such nice taste in hats either.

Zodgrods Rival Schools United by Fate

Zodgrods Rival Schools United by Fate

I love painting goblin faces.  Even the straightforward approach taken to paint this little guys mush brings out a whole load of character.  The urge to incorporate goblins into every project is high these days: the return per painting hour spent is high.






3 Responses

  1. A fine work! I also got some of the Goblinaid goblins. Anything to help the best greenskin sculptor.

    By the way, I didn’t expect a Rival Schools reference. Your pool of nerdy knowledge is deep indeed.


    • Heh, thanks wachinayn. Im a grognardy old nerd at this stage.

      My knowledge of Rival Schools is limited to renting it for the PS1 and spending a boozy Friday night playing it with friends back in the last century. The name stuck with me: its quite funny.

      My geek knowledge tends to be broad and shallow, with only a small number of places with an in depth knowledge. Rival Schools isnt really one of those.


      • I learnt through Call of Cthulhu a word for that, though I don’t know if it’s exists in English. It’s dilettante, or something along those lines. A Jack of all trades, if you wish.

        I neither have a deep experience with that game, only that a DreamCast I bought second hand came with it. But, strangely, I was proud to catch your reference.

        But enough with the off-topic. Please, continue showing us your strange greenskins projects. They’re very inspiring.


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