Notorious G.I.T.

Notorious G.I.T. and posse (note the slugga).

Notorious G.I.T. and posse (note the slugga).

I finished painting Notorious G.I.T. (centre) and another cool looking gretchin-of-the-line (far right) the other day.

The duo barely warrant their own post to themselves really, although I do really like that plastic gretchin kit (its simple to assemble cool little characterful models that are great fun to paint) and I do try to record everything hobby related here.

Seeing as the G.I.T. (“Gitty”/”Giddy” to his friends) has a magnetised triumvirate of firearms, I figured that I might display that feature if nothing else.

Slugga swapped for implausibly huge shotgun...

Slugga swapped for implausibly huge shotgun…

Originally the box of plastic gretchin was intended to be suitable for use as Rebel Grots in GorkaMorka games.  As such I wanted to make one of the models stand out as the boss, so I made sure that he wore some huge jewellery and wore a baseball cap.

Gold Left Front Tooth

Gold Left Front Tooth

I then magnetised the little guys right fist and a corresponding slugga, shoota and kannon.

...and finally an old 1980s (maybe early 90s) plastic shoota/bolter for some retro chic.

…and finally an old 1980s (maybe early 90s) plastic shoota/bolter for some retro chic.

I have since bought many more gretchin models, more than enough to cover a differently armed mob leader in games, but its sort of fun having the silly magnetised guy anyway.

The G.I.T. has yet to see any action, but I am sure that when he does he will leave an impression.


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  1. Being something of a hip hop fan, this appealed to me so much. Oh, the orc puns you could make from rapper names…


    • Most rapper names sound like orc names already. =) We had great fun when playing Gorkamorka in the 90s. Had a gang called Bumpa Stikkaz being rather hip hop inspired. Stikky Fingaz was in it. As was Blak Kopp – my nob named after the old KRS-One song. Busta Rimz and Gard Yagril would work well too. I better stop now though, or I’ll be at it all day.

      Nice grots, Paul! I really like them. Going with the gangsta theme, maybe one of them should’ve had a gun with Nyte Sytes (TM)…
      I couldn’t find a proper pic that wasn’t blocked here at work, but have a google yourself for Birdman Homeboy Nyte Sytes. =) (Another 90s throwback: Afro Squad.) Don’t think it would work well in miniature form unless you went over the top and put one of those big round hood-ornament style cross sights (as seen in this pic:


    • The Notorious G.I.T. thing made me laugh a couple of years ago, so I decided to add it when an opportunity presented. A plastic gretchin kit with a seriously O.G. glyph plate around the neck of one of the bodies that also supplied a baseball cap head made it a done deal.

      Hip hop names are so ridiculous that they are a little on the hard to side to parody I reckon, like Björk lyrics 🙂


      • When it comes to hip-hop (and most music) I am really only a tourist, primarily interested in a cheap gag, more Carlton than The Fresh Prince (to use a vintage, terribly unhip reference).

        Beyond “Giddy” here I cant imagine many more additions. Apart from maybe Fifty Teef.

        Im finding that with orks and gretchin in particular its really very easy to take a conceptual whim and run with it. I have pirates on the way and plans for some totally stupid “Minderz” at a later date, with more ideas presenting themselves faster than I can get them made or played with.

        So gangsta grots, while very appealing (and alliterative, always a bonus) wont make the cut any time soon (although as I type this I can almost physically feel my resolve crumbling…)


        • Fiddy Teef would be a great name for a squig. =)

          The glory of Blak Kopp was how it meant something like “Big Boss” according to the glossary in the Gorka Morka rules (or it could’ve been “Da uvver book”).


          • “Kop” means hill, head, helmet, top, that sort of thing (there is a fan GoMo scenario called “Nob uv da Kop” which is a King of the Hill type thing.

            So “Black Head” or something?

            Im thinking that Fiddy Teef might be a appropriate for a pirate that I am working on actually…


  2. Sweet buncha grots you got there. They must be some tiny magnets you’re using on the hand and guns.


    • A few crusty old grognards mention various GW plastic kits and how the metal Brian Nelson grots that directly inspired this set are better than them. No question, the Nelson models of that era are beautiful.

      The convenience of this plastic kit with not so many parts as to be a chore to assemble, while still enough parts to make an entertainingly varied and fun to paint unit trumps them IMO. Simple to convert and more durable too.

      The box of ten grots and a runtherd with herd squig for €13 is pretty good value in pure miniatures terms (although I dread to think how many would be required for a feasible unit in 40K).

      Magnetising Giddy was an experiment to see how useful and feasible it might turn out to be. It was fun, but not terribly practical. The magnets are strong enough to hold light plastic guns like that to a model, but to keep the gun orientation normal, two pairs of magnets forcing alignment would have been best. But the little guys fist wasnt big enough. I cant remember what size magnets I used (I assembled the model a couple of years ago), but I can check if you like.

      The little guy will be bustin’ caps on a table near you one way or another anyway.


      • It’s hard not to love grots/gobbos/goblins, the cheeky little tykes.

        My ears always tend to prick up when magnets get mentioned. I’ve used them as couple of times, but I can see they day when I need to get my mojo on when it comes to magnetising, the idea of painting one model and configuring it multiple ways with a few extra weapons/arms appeals greatly.


        • Back in my tournament 40K days the idea of each ten man squad having its own easily swapped out special/heavy weapons and sarge equipment would have really appealed. Now that I only paint smaller forces its not worth the hassle. I can just paint a sixth and/or seventh cool one piece model and leave it at that instead.

          Painting the weapons separately is quite fiddly I find too: it takes longer than it should and I dont get painting results of the same standard. That pistol that the G.I.T. has is really too small to be painting on its own: its a wonder that I havent lost it. Yet.

          I have added a countersunk magnet to the various hard points on most of the vehicles that I have painted over the last few years though. I also mounted a range of suitable weapons on small washers. So now all the vehicles have unarmed and various armed configurations, which is satisfying.

          Im working on a vehicle at the moment, a lighter/lander/shuttle type thing. I made the front cockpit section removable and magnetised for storage and possible transport reasons. I am finding more uses for magnets, but Im not convinced that swap out infantry weapons are worth the hassle.


          • I would be thinking more for stuff like dreadnoughts, banner bearers, that kind of thing. You’re probably the only guy in the world that has painted three weapon options for a single grot, in fairness.


  3. That baseball cap is ace, it feels like he ought to have a gold tooth as well though.Those grot models look great


    • Thanks Peter. I have a gold tooth painted on almost every or and gretchin that I have painted actually. In fact the plan was to paint all of Giddys teeth gold but on the evening that I finished that batch of green skins off I completely forgot. I may go back to it.
      Thanks for the feedback.


      • When tidying up the mancave after recent projects this morning I took another look at Giddy. It turns out that I had actually already painted his left front tooth gold after all and had forgotten to reunremember it [ROLLEYES]

        I took a quick and dirty phone photo to highlight the quick and dirty paintjob on the guys mouth and amended the post accordingly.


  4. Alright. This is bloody brilliant. That is all. 🙂


    • Ill take my laughs where I can Azazel and after featuring Bono in a recent series of games I can state with confidence that Giddy should provide a few giggles 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback.


  5. […] here was named as a result of some discussion about Notorious G.I.T. a few months ago.  Fiddy Teef isnt even as “clever” a play on rapper names as Giddy […]


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