Nazgrub Wurrzag – Scrap Prospector

Nazgrub Wurrzag

Nazgrub Wurrzag

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Deadzone Marauders #1

"Rainmaker" Ripper Suit

“Rainmaker” Class Ripper Suit

I have been painting greenskins over Xmas, with getting a force ready to play Deadzone being the main motivation.  The first of these finished are these two heavily armoured “Ripper Suits” and two of the rank and file Commandos.

"Mauler" Ripper Suit

“Mauler” Class Ripper Suit

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Custom DreadBall Pitch


The O.C.P. Patriots (Irish DreadBall Champions) play defence versus the Zegema Beach Zephyrs (UK & Ireland Ultimate DreadBall Champions) at Thomond Park at some designated point in the future.

I am the current Irish DreadBall Champion.  Mantic supplied me with this prize pitch as a rather nifty functional trophy.

The rigid one piece polycarbonate/aluminium laminate (at least, thats what I think its made out of) arrived yesterday along with a large box of miniatures as a prize for my UK & Ireland Ultimate DreadBall win a couple of weeks ago.  I havent had a chance to play a game on the pitch yet but I hope to remedy that over the Xmas break.

Of minor note is the inclusion of “Thomond Park” on the pitch (top right in the ropey photo above).  Thomond Park is a significant Irish rugby stadium that also hosts the Irish DreadBall Nationals, amusingly enough.  To continue the entertainment value of winning a “sporting” event at Thomond, I asked Mantic to make sure that the stadiums name featured on the pitch.  I havent the slightest interest in rugby, but many of my regular opponents do, so it adds another level of amusement to me being the champ of a “sport” crowned at Thomond 🙂

Lead Belt Trip

I traveled to Nottingham the weekend before last to go to the Mantic Open Day and play in – and win – a DreadBall competition.  As I was in “The Lead Belt” I also squeezed in a couple of visits to other toy soldier places.  A visual record composed of ropey phone-photos follows.

Lovely miniatures in Foundry Cabinets.  They make me want to snap all of my paintbrushes.

Lovely miniatures in Foundry Cabinets. They make me want to snap all of my paintbrushes.

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Dr. John Zoidberg

“I took the liberty of fertilizing your caviar”.

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Zegema Beach Zephyrs – DreadBall Asterian Team

Zegema Beach Zephyrs

Zegema Beach Zephyrs

This bunch of dirty, cheatin’, skinny space-folk is my newly painted Asterian (space-elf) DreadBall team.  As of last Saturday the Zephyrs are now the “UK & Ireland Ultimate DreadBall ChampionsContinue reading

Hammer Time

L to R: Steel Warrior, Huscarl, Stormrage Veteran

L to R: Steel Warrior, Huscarl, Stormrage Veteran

I try to avoid going back to work on miniatures that are already based, varnished and photographed.  Its hard to justify returning to acceptably finished items when I have so many other things waiting for paint.

I made an exception with this Huscarl, Steel Warrior and Stormrage Veteran though.  Something about the plain old metal paint job on the hammers on these miniatures was bugging me.  They were too fantasy looking and not science-fantasy enough, although I admit thats a pretty fine, almost non-existent line.

So I added some red glowing bits to the hammers.  Rather than paint them glowing from within like lava as most ForgeFather heat hammers are done I painted a couple of bits of the weapons sort of like a red LED, like a lot of the techie trim on my Ursa Miner models.  It also ties them to Dark Lord Prowse a little more, although that is more of a happy coincidence than anything else.

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