Nameless Spawn – DreadBall Giant/MVP

Nameless Spawn

Nameless Spawn

My first DreadBall Giant figure is this guy, a Nameless (as in the DreadBall/Warpath/Deadzone faction) Spawn that I finished over the weekend. He doesn’t have a proper name.  Im leaning towards christening the big fella “Lester”.

There isnt really any need to number an MVP, so the spawn got a Tau transfer instead.

There isnt really any need to number an MVP, so the spawn got a Tau transfer instead.

Lester isn’t the first Nameless that I have painted for DreadBall.  I posted about my Lunar Industries Lampreys Nameless team last week and back last April I painted the John Doe MVP.

Brothers in tentacles.

Brothers in tentacles.

I copied John Does colour scheme when painting Lester, but I highlighted the armour a slightly different way, mainly just because I felt like it.  Lester and John are free agents without allegiance to a specific team, so it made sense to paint them in a scheme dissimilar to the Lampreys.  Lester will happily play for any team in the game so tying him visually to a specific team wasn’t necessary.  It wasn’t necessary to tie Lester and John together visually either of course, but it was convenient.



I suspect that many people will paint their various Nameless with a Cthulhu vibe to them, but I was happy to avoid that. I read a bit of Lovecraft a number of years ago just to see what all the fuss was about, but it wasn’t my cup of tea. So I like to think that my Nameless have a bit more of a Star Wars Quarren or Star Trek vibe to them.

Lester leads the B.P. Oiler charge into the O.C.P. Patriots as Rupture Farmers and Ursa Miner Bruins look on.

Lester leads the B.P. Oiler charge into the O.C.P. Patriots as Rupture Farmers and Ursa Miner Bruins look on.

Lester was fun to paint. The models face had a lot of crisp detail which came out quite well with not a lot of effort. I probably put a little more time into it than I usually would anyway though, just because I was enjoying it. The colour scheme overall was pretty straightforward to apply, but looks decent enough.

"Thufferin' thuccotath!"

“Thufferin’ thuccotath!”

Im not sure which of the Giants I will paint next, but Big Mech looks like fun.


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  1. They look great but I would name him/her,”OOd” after the Dr Who creature.


  2. Paging Dr. Zoidberg, Dr. Zoidberg to the mortuary…..

    Definately a Zoidberg on combat drugs vibe to him. “Now it is me who will be eating the most krill, Woo wub wub wub….”.

    Figure design wise I do find his hand a little wierd, I would have expected more tentacles or a claw like appendage. I have to laugh at myself for having certain expectations about the proper way to design a fantasy/sci-fi sea monster football player. I guess it is just that the hand is not featured in the other Nameless models I can remember (please correct me if I am wrong).

    I think overall the Nameless are the most appealing team for me to paint if I was gonna paint one.

    Nice paint job (as always). The armour highlighting looks better on him, especially the nice right angles on the shoulder panels.


    • Im saving the Zoidberg references for the coach…

      The hand is odd. All other currently available Nameless miniatures have claws, tentacles or lobster like legs. A claw may have been a better design choice than a hand.

      The Nameless consists of creatures from numerous species. I get the feeling that some of them might be symbiotic: that clawed hand like appendage may actually be another creatures mouth or arse. In a hi-tech sci-fi setting Lester could be a GM beast too – faster, better, digital manipulat-ier.

      I also reckon that the various squid like Nameless may require their armoured outfits to maintain an upright, humanoid pose, but thats just speculation on my behalf.

      None if any of that matters anyway. Lester and his buddies are fun figures.

      You are right about the painting. John Doe was the final model from the first DreadBall Kickstarter shipment that I finished and I rushed it a bit. JD is fine, but the painting on Lester is better.

      I can probably hook you up with a cheap Nameless team if you want. They are contenders for best team in the game in rules terms I reckon.


      • Yes I could do with more models to paint…..wait a minute noooooooooooooooooooo!

        Considering I have yet to finish painting my beloved Da Badlandz Sharkz, it is probably not advisable to hook me up with any more teams for the near future. But you never know…. 😉

        I am growing very fond of weird squigly alien types in my old age. I think its the freedom to try novel colour schemes that appeals – certainly that is the appeal with Slann.


        • My 2013 output includes more tentacles than an early 90s anime.

          Im not certain exactly why that is, but deviation from sensible, “realistic” colour schemes is part of the appeal for sure.

          What slann are you referring to? You only have one painted, right? The rest sit unloved in a box, never to be gamed with 😦


          • You will put mustard on those words Mr. Smarty-ledgendoftheoverfiend-san for I have been busy beavering behind the scenes in preparation for the return of Quetzcoatl!

            Why only last night I finished casting up a batch of shields for my Eagle Warriors.

            Oldhammer is in vogue right now (which means it has captured my imagination for the moment) so I intend to capitalise on this sentiment and churn out some classic 3rd edition WHFB units – thats why I was experimentin’ with more speedy techniques to enable me to finish a unit in my usual time of say less than 6 months 😉

            I may never actually use said units in a game but at least they will not sit unloved in a box until the end of my days and some other people will get a kick out of seeing some ancient units of yesteryear painted reasonably nicely – the crossover between good painters and slann model owners is embarrassingly tiny – understandably enough as there were very few players even in the peak of 3rd ed. 3rd Edition WHFB is the game I played the most of any GW system and has a fond place in my heart. It has a lot of the cool GM led features similar to RT. I feel they bolloxed it up royally in the 90’s era in the attempt to streamline the game for noobs. They lost all the depth in trying to reinvent the wheel. They lost of lot of the cool player cleverness, randomness and chaos which used to happen in the average battle.

            Additionally the current models mostly look like high fantasy projectile vomit which mirror the last core rules I read (6th ed?) – but perhaps I am being melodramatic here. 🙂

            There is some potential gaming crossover in my Aztec frogmen there as they are useful as primitive aliens for pulp sci-fi 40k mashing. I thought about round basing but decided that I quite like the retro-ness of the square bases of low tech units in my 40k – also it would make them not look like a 3rd ed WHFB force which would make me a sad panda.

            Anyways the magic users will be likely done “cross system” as it fits both backgrounds. I have a mage/psyker (riding on a cold one) on my desk begging for some attention who should get done up soonish.

            Phew that was a rant!


            • Rant away 🙂

              No iteration of WFB interests me much, although a nice figure/paint job always does.

              Im primarily interested in your proper, raygun and grenade wielding space slann. Recycled fantasy types as primitive sci-fi is an established tradition from Dr Who to Trek to 40K, but it leaves me a bit cold generally. Still, I could get some fun out of watching local tribal frogmen getting devoured by a Catachan Devil or trampled by a herd of Dungers in front of their erstwhile radical Inquisitorial allies I guess 🙂


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