Dr. John Zoidberg

“I took the liberty of fertilizing your caviar”.

Zoidberg isnt my favourite Futurama character, but he has his moments. More than enough moments to justify painting up a version of the character for my games, thats for sure.

"Who's the tough guy now Vinnie?"

“Who’s the tough guy now Vinnie?”

I have numerous plans for using Dr. John Zoidberg in games. He fits in perfectly in an Ordo Xenos Inquisitorial retinue and will likely sub in for a Judwan medic in Deadzone.  He is also ideally suited for coaching any DreadBall team in my opinion, although he has extra visual synergy with the Nameless I suppose.

"I'm swelling with patriotic mucus"

“I’m swelling with patriotic mucus”

Miniature Zoidberg isnt particularly well sculpted, but the character is immediately recognisable all the same.  Amusing recognition factor counts for a lot and I am looking forward to getting the figure on the table for a few games.

"What started out as a night of drugs and light surgery has turned into something more".

“What started out as a night of drugs and light surgery has turned into something more”.

EDIT: I bought the miniature from Armorcast along with some other Futruama-esque types.  Armorcast doesnt seem to stock them any more.


7 Responses

  1. Zoidberg looks great,a perfect mad creation of science.


  2. Love it! In other news the Kroot Hounds arrived.


  3. Hahah, love it. I also want to say I love you for including Dr. Zoidberg in a 40K Inquisitorial retinue, but let’s not go down that road just yet. I do though.


    • And well you should Mikko. A lobster alien doctor hanging out with futuristic dark age nut-case Inquisitor makes at least as much sense as, for example a human built AI that has decided to wipe out humanity with skeleton robots.

      I like gritty fiction, but absurd fiction mirrors life better to me. I relate to the themes of futility and absurdity and inherent ridiculousness in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy more than the pseudo notions of realism in crap like “The Dark Knight” for example.

      So when does a blue, fez wearing, winged space monkey with a chaingun show up in your Utopia games then? 😉


  4. […] Zoidberg, Roberto is a figure that I picked up from Armorcast a couple of years ago.  I have included […]


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