Death Ferrets

Death Ferrets

Death Ferrets

Games Workshop sold a 40K Death Ferret once upon a time.  It was an unremarkable ferret model packaged with a gyrinx and a jokaero.  I have never located rules or background for the Death Ferret (but if anyone reading this knows anything about either then get in touch please), but space ferrets seemed like a good entry for my Alien Flora and Fauna project.

L to R: GW Inquisitor, Reaper Ferret Familiar, GW Assassin

L to R: GW Inquisitor, Reaper Ferret Familiar, GW Assassin

There was a ferret included in the pack of Reaper Bones familiars that I got via someone elses Kickstarter recently, so he got “Death Ferret” assigned quite early.  That ferret is pretty small though.  Pets are usually huge in 28mm, but this ferret looks pretty realistically sized to me.  If I had a number of those models then that would be fine, but as I only had a single ferret I had to look for alternatives to make a full “business”.

Viperwolf (from Avatar)

Viperwolf (from Avatar)

I had a vague idea that Death Ferrets would be roughly analogous with the medium sized, pack hunting viperwolves that feature in Avatar.  When searching for suitable ferret miniatures I found a set of 15mm Dire Hyenae from Splintered Light miniatures and I figured that they would be about the correct size for 28mm and had the sort of look that I wanted.


Black Footed Ferret

A palette of brown and whites may have been realistic, but it wouldnt be pulp sci-fi enough for me.  It had to be something a bit gaudier to appeal to my trashy sensibilities.  I went with a straightforward black coat (to echo the creepiness of the viperwolves a bit and because its quick and easy to paint) and then added red patterning.  The red areas went  in roughly the same places that ferrets like the one above are marked with black.


Painting  was a quick job but I think that they look suitable as a small to medium sized extra-terrestrial predator.



The Reaper Ferret was painted alongside these guys but looks a little too different in body shape to be reasonably assumed to be the young of one of these creatures.  On Earth at least.  When you factor in the pupal developmental stage that Gargleflarkian Death Ferrets go through between youth and adult – during which they change physical form considerably – then it all makes sense.  Ahh, the wonders of extra-terrestrial wildlife. Or whatever.



2 Responses

  1. The pic with Judge Mortis and the Bones ferret is masterfully composed! Cracks me up! =D


    • Yeah, it gives me the giggles too, Mortis pose couldnt be more appropriate.

      I ran the photo past my long suffering wife to gauge reaction. After twenty years of listening to my relentless, bespectacled geeky droning about nerd stuff, her tolerance for that sort of thing is low. She also found the photo amusing, so I knew that it was a keeper 🙂


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