“Helga” Gets Minor Makeover

Helga - now with orange trim

Helga – now with orange trim

After some agonising about realism(?) and return on painting time spent I decided to give Helga a little more attention this evening.  After taking on board some of the feedback that I got on the original Helga paint job, I decided to add orange trim to the four wings (fins? Aerofoils?) and to a handful of small details on the little turret and the hull roof.



I think that this improves the look of the model without making it excessively toylike, although I think that the photography might be slightly worse this time around.  Many thanks to all of you who gave helpful feedback 🙂

More feedback on the finished job is definitely welcome of course, but I dont think that I will be returning to Helga with a paintbrush again one way or another.


17 Responses

  1. Great stuff! It is really coming along VERY brilliantly!


    • Thanks Jonas.

      Although Helga is armed I dont really see it as a military vehicle (and the weapon mounts are magnetised anyway if I want to define it further). A non-military shuttle type affair has been on my to-do list since the 80s. I imagine that Hegla will appear as a ploy hook in a number of narrative driven, scenario based games. Im satisfied to have another thing ticked off the (huuuge) project list.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  2. I’d say that is exactly what Helga needed. It gives the model more intrest without being too flashy, nice and subtle. Excellent job.


    • Thanks very much daggerandbrush, Im glad that you approve.

      I considered using white/light grey trim in addition to some orange (that colour combo tends to be evocative of sci-fi, for a few reasons) but I reconsidered after base coating some of those areas. Off white areas would have made for a brighter overall effect, but it would also have moved the finish further from the well-used and functional aesthetic that I was looking for.

      Im pleased with the final compromise between “realism” and “attractive gaming piece”.


  3. The little orange details really catch the eye. Helga looks great. Nice work.


    • Thanks Danny.

      I think that the finished model needed to be a little more eye-catching than it was, but getting that balance right was a balancing act. I think that it works better now.


  4. Tastefully done!


  5. That looks like the ticket to me. I agree, no more twiddling required, onto the next project.


  6. The small addition of the orange markings really does add a lot of visual interest to the model, and also makes it look that bit more realistic.

    You mentioned wanting to use the ramp and interior in a scenario of some kind. I think the obvious “get to da choppa” scenario has to make an appearance at least once as the Tyranids/Zombies/Deathworld Fauna close in on our desperate heroes…


    • Definitely.

      Get to da choppa, Get from da choppa, Ezkort da wimmin to da choppa, Evakyooate da compownd via choppa befowa da monstah attack, Explode da choppa near da gazoleen etc

      m itching to get ferrying the little guys all over the place.

      I think that the orange markings did the trick. Thanks for the feedback 🙂


  7. Excellent bit of hardware and the spruced-up pj really brings it to life. I can imagined all manner of scenarios revolving around it.


    • Thanks Gareth 🙂

      Keeping the paint job generic opens up more avenues for gaming I think. like your cool sci-fi buildings. Plastering Aquilae and skulls all over some things is appropriate, but not here in my opinion.

      As a result Helga is more of a blank slate to project whatever plans my opponents and I come up with on to. Trying to get the balance between dull/realistic/functional, striking/unrealistic/fantastical and finished-in-my-lifetime was the tricky part, but I thoink that I got away with it.

      Next its time to line up some games in and around the old workhorse.


  8. Excellent! I’m just going to echo the people above – just what was needed and not too much. Helga is really popping now 🙂


  9. […] “Galuntts Moon”.  He will be accompanying the disgruntled Bosun in shuttlecraft Helga on this mission, but the bosun isnt quite ready for his close up just […]


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