Clutches of Chaos Crossover: #1 – Summoning

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I had a lot of fun with the Governor General of Sector Six Blog Crossover project earlier this year, so when an opportunity to engage in a slightly different sort of cross-blog project with Tales From the Maelstrom came up, I took it.


The plan:

Andy at Tales From the Maelstrom and I will each convert and prepare a model to an intentionally loose, identical brief.  We will then then exchange the models by post and each paint the model received.  Lastly we will incorporate our newly painted models into a local game and each publish a corresponding blog report.


Its a straightforward plan.  Thats a good thing, I like achievable goals.  I am certain that the process will be a bit of fun too, which is obviously important.  I also hope to use the project as a catalyst to work on some models that I have been promising myself since 1990 or so and if that side of things works out then all the better.  The CCC wont rely on that element to be a success, but it is yet another positive about the project from my perspective.

Andy is pretty good at the miniature conversion lark, with this recent Ordo Malleus conversion being one that I particularly like for a number of reasons.  I also rather blatantly ripped off an idea from his Rogue Trader conversion when putting my own Sensei Ramirez together last summer.  Can you spot which element I sincerely flattered him via?  Yeah, I thought so.

Lord High Admiral Lyng (from Tales from the Maelstrom)

Sensei Ramirez

One of the more enjoyable elements of the Clutches of Chaos Crossover will likely be comparing the two different interpretations of the theme.  I have a few ideas, but I plan to let the cogitators cogitate on the matter further before I commit, so I wont be revealing any plans just yet.  Andy intends to track his progress via posts over on TftM too, which based on previous form will surely be worth checking out.

Keeping the conversions linked thematically keeps options open to associate the game narratives in some way if desired.  Decisions about the actual scenarios are a while away for me yet though: I would rather see what models we end up with and then design scenarios around them, to have the narrative model driven.  Therefore Step One will be to lock down my interpretation of the brief and Step Two will be to chop up a load of model parts and then stick them all back together again.  More news on those issues as it develops.

Heres a hint regarding the theme:


The Tales from the Maelstrom blog has been quite influential regarding how I approach the hobby over the last few years, so its enjoyable to be getting involved in something collaborative with those guys.  I am looking forward to it 🙂


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  1. That’s a great idea & I’ll enjoy seen how it all works out, but for now good luck with it mate.


    • Thanks Frank. As I mentioned in the thread, its quite an achievable goal I think, with emphasis on fun rather than too much extra labour.


  2. Uh… Is the theme Hello Kitty? Slaanesh? Both? o_O

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    • Heh, the theme isnt top secret or anything NSA, but as its WiP I dont want to go into it too much until I have more of a handle on it.

      Generally I dont actually put up information on projects until I have already completed them. That way folks who read the blog dont tend to see my stalled projects very often. All this project is being recorded in real time, Im being a bit cautious.

      Hopefully I will have sometiung more concrete to share soon. Thanks for the feedback 🙂


      • Ha, anyone who reviewed my blog at all carefully (ie. nobody ever) would see loads of projects that were posted in early stages and then fell down the memory hole, never to be mentioned again. Not even ambitious projects, just “this seemed like a better idea before I took it out of the package”.

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        • Most of us have numerous projects like that I suspect, I certainly do. I just tend not to post about projects that are not at least partly complete, I just find blogging easier that way. This project differs from my norm, but I think that I can handle it 😉


  3. Waiting with tantalizing anticipation to see what your going do with that titillating pink . I think I got the spelling correct ? lol

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