Dracula’s America in Spaaace.

theottovonbismark’s Crossroads Slaaneshi Cultists welcome safe drivers.

I have been gearing up to some Dracula’s America (in Spaaace) gaming for several months.  theottovonbismark and Mr Saturday were caught up in the perilium rush enthusiasm and headed to Standard Falls (via Uncanny Valley) recently and we played some games.

The Boss Drum Ratskin tribe, the Crossroads Cult of Slaanesh and the Shadow Empire Tong cautiously attempt to parlay in the Uncanny Valley deadlands.

I was lax about taking photos this time around, but Mr Saturday grabbed a number of nice ones that can be seen over at his blog.  It’s also a good place to see some nice photos of the lovely new additions to his Shadow Empire force.  There are some nice photos of theottovonbismark’s Slaaneshi cult over there too.

A three metre tall robot covered in missile launchers and crockery “sneaks” around the scruffy boomtown of Standard Falls.

Although described by some as a “sad” photo of a lying down space bear-man, I choose to see it as the external view of an enlightening vision quest for a lying down space bear-man… lying next to a pervert demon.

Ebeneezer Basshunter, Soundbyte, Mr. C, and Talks Big critique the sub standard guttering prevalent in this part of town.

This photo does not capture the obscene levels of luck attached to the pot-bots at this point. Meanwhile Lo Pan assists a local possessed by Vinz Clortho on his way to meet the Gatekeeper.

As the dust settled, the eclectic citizens of the remote, but newly resource rich mining town got back to regular business.


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  1. Oh man, this all looks amazing mate – great warbands of course, but a particular delight to see my favourite Shamen-inspired Ratskins in action 😉 Move that mountain, baby!

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    • That was the first proper outing for the Boss Drums, allowing their souls, the bodies and their minds to finally be free. It was satisfying to have finally proven that I can occasionally move some of that painting mountain.

      It was fun to get games in against some space Tong and space Cultists in a tumbledown settlement on the edge of civilisation too. That sort of environment gives lots of leeway and allows for all sorts of fun narratives to emerge. There are already scores that must be settled.

      Thanks for the feedback Alex!

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  2. Looks like a wonderful weekend of gaming among the tumbleweeds.

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    • Absolutely.

      The music playlist was primarily bluegrass covers of pop/rock/metal songs from the last thirty years or so, which set the mood nicely.

      I mean who wouldn’t want to hear some toothless guy chewing a wad and playing a banjo sing “Toxic” or “Money Talks” while pushing space cowboys around an rolling dice?

      Thanks for the feedback Grove!

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  3. Hoho! Big applause! The eclectic pictures look insanely fun 😉

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    • It was a lot of fun Suber!

      Setting the game on the fringes of a very, very big galaxy, each of the players was free to explore the Space Western theme in their own way, which made each of the players invest even more than usual in some ways.

      The themed, small warband is probably my favourite sort of hobby project, and games like this illustrate why I think.

      Thanks for the comment Suber!

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  4. Great fun looking game there, mate!

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    • Loads of fun Azazel.

      Lots of laughs, various western style shenanigans, three metre homicidal robots, werebears, lust demons…
      If you stack the deck with as many entertaining things as that, then if the game doesnt work out, its likely a failure on the part of the players if it isn’t fun I think.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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  5. Driving that narrative as space faring Native Americans is really fun to read about. All the great terrain is really immersive, and I imagine your shapeshifters and ghost walkers passing in and out of “realspace” during the battle, totally bewildering to their enemies.

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  6. Looks great!

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  7. Looks like fun–good stuff!

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  8. Beautiful looking table and a fun looking game. I’ll head over to Mr. Saturday’s to see what he has to say.

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