Circus of Corruption

I was sent a few preview miniatures from the Circus of Corruption Kickstarter that is currently running.  The bizarre looking collection of figures looked like a group that I would enjoy painting fairly rapidly, so that’s what I did.

The Kickstarter started with seventeen models in the range, but that number has gone up as pledging has increased.  As the figures reward a rapid, drybrush and wash heavy paint job I reckon that completing the set could be done speedily.  I’m hoping to get the lot done that way.

Perhaps surprisingly, I have a number of uses planned for a miniature rotting carnivàle.  I am certain that I can fit these creepy oddballs into a few settings and games.

“Break wind everyo… no thats not it… Ah yes, break a leg everyone!”

The Kickstarter is running for another four days or so at the time of writing, so if a creepier-than-usual looking miniature circus sounds like something that you want to get your hands on, then click this.




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  1. They look pretty cool for a Not-Carnival of Nurgle range.

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    • I would love to have a Citadel Carnival of Chaos, but the cost of the models on the second hand market rules it out for me. These models will fill that niche for me in some upcoming Mordheim games, which will be great I reckon.

      Thanks Azazel!


  2. Really like those, they’ve been firmly in my “if I had a use” mental box. Your paintjob is spot on!

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    • Thanks Mikko!

      The Circus could feature in a few of my settings I think. These are primarily being painted for use in a Mordheim type setting, but they could be used in a post apocalyptic setting pretty easily I think.


  3. I really fancy the colour scheme which avoids the more traditionnal combos but still delivers the message. and you have half the band ready already. ^^

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    • I’m really glad that you said that about the colour scheme Asslessman, thanks ❤

      The last time that I painted any Nurglesque figures I wanted to avoid too much of the very familiar green and brown palettes, so I painted my Sin-Eaters white.

      Twenty years later I wanted to make sure that while being obviously Nurgle figures at a glance, I still wanted my Circus to have their own identity. Im genuinely pleased that you mentioned it, thanks!


  4. Very cool – I’m thinking wandering underhive freakshow myself 🙂

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  5. These look great. I really like the how you did the motley on the strongman. That balloon is epic. I don’t think it’s filled with air.

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    • The balloon is definitely supposed to loot like it will make a wet “pop” when it bursts. Presumably against a giant bathroom mirror.

      The motley added a little bit of blue/green to key off the yellowish flesh. It also added a little bit of a heraldic vibe, that nicely sets the models in an appropriate era I think.

      Im looking forward to seeing your take on some of these Mr S!


  6. Nicely done. These do look like fun models.

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    • Thanks Seán!

      The models have enough gross out charm to make painting (and hopefully gaming with) them a particularly entertaining experience.

      I’m looking forward to some games with them soon.


  7. Pretty cool stuff! I love the creepiness!

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  8. Great to see you updating again. The hooded guy centre back looks great. The blue green you’ve used really works with the pastel green of the flesh. Look forward to clashing against these with my Snake Wizards in the future.

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    • Thanks Curis. I’m still hanging in there, even if posts are great the moment.

      I’m particularly pleased with the blue/green elements and how they work with the flesh tones, I’m glad that you agree 🙂

      Corrupt snake wizards vs creepy carnies sounds like a helluva a date to me!


  9. […] added to the six finished Circus models, bringing the total up to seventeen, finishing them on time to bring them to Bring Out Your Lead […]


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