Age of Sigmar Skirmish Campaign

PB visited for the weekend and we got five AoSS games played with our new Nighthaunt and Stormcast forces.  Very satisfying.  We had a load of fun.

The rest of the post is essentially just a photo dump of dubious quality, so if that’s not your thing, then go no further.  



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  1. These photos are quite sumptuous. Did the gryph hounds get to come out and play?

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    • Only one gryph-hound made the cut in the end. They are a little pricey in points terms and one of their abilities is redundant in Skirmish, so I used other options.

      The one that I did use killed the nasty Cairn Wraith in the last game, but the explosion of the wraiths post-post-mortem Amulet of Screwyou killed my leader in the process.

      Lots of fun 🙂


  2. 6 quid for the rule book and you can play with 10 miniatures. What’s not to love?

    Games looked great.

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    • Thanks!

      It’s a very easy way to get playing. AoS is fun too, it isn’t really like playing most other GW games, it’s less easy to predict for a few reasons. It’s entertaining.
      Recommended for sure.


  3. You guys have really been cranking out the minis, it all looks great. Looks like the Stormcast got ambushed while roasting marshmallows and singing Sigmar themed camping songs.

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    • That’s exactly what happened, although with Stormcast the camping songs were a bit more pious and handclappy than I would favour.

      That was the “Assassination” scenario. The g-g-g-ghosts ambushed the Stormcast during chow, hoping to cut the head from the Stormcast snake. Paulo Ringseeker could not abandon the camp (as delineated by the tents).

      It was a laugh.

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  4. I like how your new terrain and the minis you have been working on for this blends so well. A really great “coming together” for all the previous posts.

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    • Thanks Will!

      Although I am prone to heading in tangents from time to time, I make an effort to keep my bits and pieces of terrain as modular as I can.

      You are a master of set dressing Will, you know exactly what I mean.


  5. Me, I didn’t like AoS Skirmish at all. The manual felt so rushed. After General Handbook, a manual so full of ideas to be useful evem to non-AoS players, Skirmish really seems a ‘lazy’ product. I was very disappointed. Hinterland is free and feels way more complete and a well-rounded take on the subject.
    This said, great pics and gorgeous models ‘n terrain, as usual!

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    • The Generals Handbooks are particularly good publications, no argument here. They are exceptional.

      Skirmish cost about €10 IIRC. I can think of ways that I would change it myself, but for the price I have no issues really. I must say that the miniature photography in that book is actually my favourite of all the AoS photography that I have seen to date.

      To be fair, I would like to see a more in-depth expansion of AoSS, with a tidy up of some of the issues as I see them, but as a way for my buddy and I to get some fun, thematic games in together with our newly developing miniature forces, it really was great. Maybe if you try it again in the future it might click, but who knows?

      Thanks for the feedback Gabbi 🙂


      • I have to agree on pics, but I have not purchased the book for them. I would also agree that the price is a very affordable one, so one could not really complain… if were not for the already mentioned Hinterlands, that is a better and more complete skirmish expansion and is also free, since unofficial. If you haven’t already, I would suggest to look at it, it’s well worth a download.

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