Choose Your Own Adventurers #9: Erica James, Sister of Silence

Shes superfreakaayy.

Some readers may remember that I recently painted one of the “Female Warrior Gabs” Rogue Trader Adventurers.  The more observant of you may have by now have noticed that I obviously painted “Female Warrior Jayne” at the same time.

Female Warrior Gabs AKA Joan Grace came out just about bearable, aided by a notional connection with Grace Jones. The same cannot be said for Jayne.  She ended up looking like Rick James.

I was very tempted to repaint the hair on Jayne/Erica but I didn’t have the energy.  The turd polishing had to stop, I needed to paint some figures that felt a little more rewarding.  And so, I doomed Erica James to her new name and her truly awful hairdo.

She’s all right.  She’s all right.  That girl’s all right with me.  Yeah.

My next trip into the vaults of eighties lead from space will hopefully be a little more successful.  I leave you with a shot of the RT Adventurers that I have painted to date, and likely, an earworm.

The next CYOA entry will be from Axiom at Magpie and Old Lead in about a week or so.


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  1. She’s not blessed with looks. Or well-tailored armour. Or a finely crafted blade. But she does hang out with a pretty hip crowd.

    Very nice paint and a lovely pair.

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  2. Were you tempted to paint on a moustache?

    Only now I see the two figures are reworkings of the same original. Are the dimples in the kneepads intentional detailing, do you think?

    I think these have both come out very well, as I’ve not had to sit through the torturous process of painting them. If these were in my cabinet I’d be excited by the idea of finding another three and converting them to make a whole squad.

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    • I only realised the horror of accidentally painting a Rick James-a-like late in the process, thankfully at a far too late stage for me to consider lowering the tone even further with a suspect milk moustache.
      The knee dimples are definitely detail.
      I’m not drawn to the idea of a squad of these one way or another. I see them as individuals or a pair to be added to Inquisitorial or Rogue Trader retinues in skirmish games. Individuals really, like the rest of the RT Adventurers range I suppose.
      Thanks for the feedback Curis!


      • Maybe then I will paint a moustache on mine then. Remove that scarce trace of feminimity from my collection of Adventurers. Kill the Grand Poobah. Eliminate even the toughest stain.

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        • You should convert her into a Primaris.

          With your self discipline being so enviably higher than mine, I expect greatness.


  3. You can see how terrible they were as figures in that last picture. Even the ropy anatomy of the chainsword mook is better.

    That said, I rather like the paint-job you have given them here. A small squad of them would not go amiss, although I shudder to think what they would look like individually.

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    • As I very much plan to complete painting my entire set of RT Adventurers, when I felt a whimsical urge to paint these two I went for it. I wouldn’t like to leave them as a part of a dread inspiring end of the process.

      As you noted, the RT Adventurers are perhaps more about vibe than sculpting quality, but even so, these two are certainly in the bottom third.

      I’m glad that you like that paint job Lasgunpacker. I deliberately chose a straightforward scheme so that I wouldn’t get bogged down, which worked out adequately I’m happy to say.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  4. It’s turd polishing sure, but Paul, you just excel at it, that’s the way it is.

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    • I really am JB. I’m still unsure as to why I am occasionally drawn back to painting oddball, shonky miniatures… but it happens with regularity.

      I have an appetite for it for some reason. I’m glad that they are at least good enough to get on the table for a few games.

      Anyway, NEXT!!!


  5. Oh boy, she is special!! You did the best job possible mate 😉

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    • Thanks Alex, the figure is certainly a bit rough.

      The hair should really have been repainted, to give a Terence Trent D’Arby look to the do, rather than the truly terrible white mop. Other than that the pair look “good enough” and are ready to game with, so on to other things.

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  6. You can never have enough Rick James, so I applaud this.

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    • I suspect that if I had ever met Mr James I may not have liked him, but who knows?

      More importantly, as a person similarly drawn to the occasional sub-par miniature on the side *cough*Cloaker*cough*, I reckon that you have particular insight into the process Mikko 😀

      Thanks for the feedback.

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      • I can never get enough of these two pieces:

        Turd polishing does have its certain, albeit limited appeal! Painting a really rubbish mini is in my opinion more fun than painting something that’s just a bit below average. Much like the difference between watching a film so bad that its good, and just something genuinely bland and boring.

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  7. I think the girls came out as well as possible, considering the aren’t blessed. The armour came out great, so they punch well above their weight and look cool in the group shot. I think the hair colour works well on Gabs, but doesn’t suit Jayne as much. Still, they got one hell of a makeover.

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    • The hair on Jayne was a poor decision. I wanted Debbie Harry and I got Rick James. And I had enough of the pair of them at that stage, and so didn’t bother changing it. They are adequate.

      Its a bit of a bullshit, after-the-fact, revisionist thing to mention too, but I think that spouting Rick James-isms during games featuring that model will actually be amusing, but y’know, it’s not like I did it on purpose.

      Thanks for the feedback Mr Saturdays!

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      • Sometimes the mini goes it’s own way during painting, if it leads to some entertainment during a game it’s all for the good.

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  8. As Rick James is at room temperature, perhaps a zombification is in order?

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  10. […] CYAO Episode 9 – Erica James, Sister of Silence (sho3box) […]


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