The Lost City of Exactamundo Pt 5: Eternity Stair

Stadium pop rock meets high fantasy in the form of EXACTAMUNDO’s second set of…

The “Magical Fulcrums” from the Warhammer Storm of Chaos range are peculiar looking things. Oddly, that makes the Eternity Stair one of the more restrained pieces. Is that a good thing? I don’t know for sure. When terrain pieces are already a bit bizarre, then perhaps it’s best to push them up to eleven.

I painted the Eternity Stair in the same way that I painted the rest of the EXACTAMUNDO! terrain pieces to date. I wanted all of the terrain pieces to match in palette so that the ruined city would work as a consistent backdrop for various heroes and villains to do their thing, regardless of how ostentatious or bizarre the architecture might be.


The Eternity Stair is a chunky, sturdy piece of terrain. In addition to being ideal for re-enacting Cher’s “Heart of Stone” tour in miniature, the Eternity Stair could also be used to represent a staircase in a now ruined building, as well as some variety of summoned fireball chucking vantage platform.

You can still sing “Just Like Jessie James” when you do that if you like though.  I certainly will be.


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  1. Well, it doesn’t matter where the stairs lead; it’s not the destination what matters, but the journey 😀
    Or maybe it’s a stairway to heaven? Hmm…

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  2. 🤘🤘🤘

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  3. 😀 I kinda want a giant one in my garden!

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  4. These are great! This piece has a lot of diorama potential as well with forces fighting up and down the staircase for competition painting. You’re making me look at these pieces afresh.

    You tempted to get any of the Chaos Dreadhold stuff?

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    • Thanks!

      Im glad that these paint jobs are making you look at these pieces again Curis. As documented in this series of posts, it took me a while to see them as useful pieces myself. But by and large I do now.

      I would love to pick up a full Dreadhold, really, but a castles worth is very far beyond my budget I’m afraid.

      The OTT, almost Eternian aesthetic to the Dreadhold is something that I think would work well painted in a less “RAAARGH! BRASS AND BLOOOD!” scheme like the elements of Exactamundo.

      Alas, barring something financially fabulous simply happening, I couldn’t do it.


  5. As with the other pieces in this series, your paint job takes them from “just nuts” down to “fantasy plausible”. Plus regardless of the aesthetic issues, they provide a nice platform for wizards/snipers/Wizard-snipers, and isn’t that really the point?

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    • An excellent distillation of the exercise Lasgunpacker, thanks.

      “From just nuts to fantasy plausible” will be future strapline for this blog.


  6. Google reverse image search tells me these pics are of Madonna, not Cher. How many singers WERE using stairs to nowhere?! Anyway I approve of any musical inspiration for painting/modeling, it’s how I roll personally. Nice job here. The top of the tower might make a good place to put objectives, for that sort of game…

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    • Thanks Al!

      A bit like internet rule 34, if you have a bizarre fantasy terrain piece, then something similar has almost certainty appeared on the stadium rock/pop stage.
      To me a setting like Age of Sigmar exists mainly in clouds of MTV dry ice somewhere in the eighties. Iconic of the era Madonna may be, but conceptually it’s all about Cher.

      It’s *always* about Cher.


  7. I have seen Frostgrave played with stairs like these – lots of fighting for treasures at the top. Nice work!

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  8. This collection just gets better and better. All the more impressive knowing how skeptical you were at the beginning!

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    • I really was. My lip curls and eye rolling when I first saw these could have been mistaken for a stroke.

      I’m still unsure if I bent like the willow and adapted or if I just completely gave up on a guiding toy soldier principle. I may never know. Aging is a weird thing.

      What I will say however, is that I am very pleased to have these daft but surprisingly satisfying things feature in my recent games.

      I’m glad that you are enjoying seeing them Will. Thanks for the feedback!


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