Super pop culture showdown!


After chatting with him online since 2009, Mikko from Dawn of the Lead visited recently.  We played some games (NINJAS vs PIRATES!) and he blogged about them here.

Source: Super pop culture showdown!


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  1. Answering the big questions squire. I knew I could rely on you. Looks good too.

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  2. Looks like that went well. Clearly I need to give Dawn of the Lead a better looksie. Thank you Cheetor.

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  3. As per my comment over on Mikko’s blog, so good to see two warbands of such pedigree on the sameboard at the same time. Awesome 🙂

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  4. I can send you a copy of my in-development Pirates vs. Ninjas rules if you’d like.

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    • Given that Mikko and I are over 2000km apart, it doesnt seem hugely likely that we would get the opportunity to test the game for you Legion, although I though appreciate the offer.

      Are you planning to bring out miniatures to accompany the rules?


      • Righto.

        Maybe a few figs.
        A couple two-packs that — incredibly, given all the pirate and ninja minis out there — nobody has done yet. Just to cover some ideas I find amusing.


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