Sector Six Crossover Finale


If you don’t like intergalactic secret agents leaping out of explosions to punch space nazis with glowing, powered gauntlets of righteous, high-tech fury, then do not click this image.

Regular readers may be aware that a hand picked selection of my toy soldiers – consisting of Inquisitor Verhoeven, Astropath Patrick O’Blivion and Gunslinger Rosa “Digger” Stone – has been sent across the Atlantic/through warpspace to Sector Six to help out with grave local issues.  A few details of how the narrative driven Flat Stanley-esque project is intended to work, plus links to each of the games in the series can be found here.

That project comes to a close on the Governor General of Sector Six blog today, in a great looking game featuring exploding aircraft, leaping decapitations, spaceship strafing runs, space nazis, genetic infantrymen and of course, three of my toy soldiers mixed in.  I strongly suggest that you take a look, its a pretty unique and inspiring looking game.

Seriously, take a look at this…

Check out Inquisitor Verhoeven in the middle of that.   Bad. Ass.

Check out Inquisitor Verhoeven in the middle of that.
Bad. Ass. 
By the Holy Throne, click the image!

My genuine thanks to Maj. Guiscard, the Governor General of Sector Six himself for making the entire process fun, pleasant and memorable.



8 Responses

  1. I’m just coming from Sector Six blog and it looks really terrific, lots of fun and an awesome environment to play!


    • Being four and a half thousand miles from where the Sector Six games take place means that I wasnt there in person, but it certainly is fun to see my miniatures taking part in such a cool looking game.

      Thanks for the feedback Suber.


  2. Quality stuff as usual and lovely pics. Oh I ‘m gunning for Rosa so keep me updated 🙂


    • Thanks 40kterminiatus!

      Rosa seems to have done comparatively little in the game shown. Generally speaking she is a powerhouse that Verhoeven relies upon quite a bit, but he proved well capable of looking after himself this time.

      Rosa will appear in many more games. The model is so beautifully sculpted that I tend to include her a lot.


  3. I am stunned and shocked, it all looks absolutely amazing, I am immigrating to your town asap 😀


    • Well, as mentioned above, the game shown actually took place 4500 miles from my town Jason, even if it did included a handful of my miniatures.

      But if you down want to relocate I am sure that we can manage to get a few games in ;D


  4. Probably one of the most unique gaming tables I’ve encountered. You chaps certainly do things in style.


    • Its a wonderful looking table Gareth and no mistake. Like a perfect picnic or an unheard song that grabs ones attention entirely its a genuine little joy to see my toy spacemen cavorting on it.


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