Wildcard – Dreadball MVP


I was in a bit of a quandary about painting this figure.  Its obviously an homage to Olivia Wildes character “Quorra” from the nice-to-look-at-it-but-bloated-dull-and-directionless TRON Legacy movie.   More or less every version of the model that I have seen painted looks like the photo below:


A few people took the red trim route as worn by the bad guys in TRON and I considered going for that instead, but decided not to.  I have been enjoying the extreme highlighting that I have been doing on the bases of my Dreadball miniatures and I wanted to see if I could make the same colours and techniques work on a miniature too.  I did add the pink hairdo to add a smidgen of originality, even though that in itself was done largely because I enjoyed painting Number 88 pink.


The pose of the figure is nearly really great, but ends up being a bit peculiar.  A few changes here and there would have made the pose dynamic and cool, but she looks a more like she is going to fall over rather than do something acrobatic.  I did enjoy painting the figure though, which endeared it to me quite a bit more.


L to R: Orx guard, Wildcard, Number 88, human guard

L to R: Orx guard, Wildcard, Number 88, human guard


4 Responses

  1. You are certainly getting good throughput on those DB minis! Good call on not painting the hair black. She has ended up with a proportionally opposite scheme to Number 88 which is nice visually also. I like her boots but as you mentioned find the pose on the odd side. Good use of the Tau transfer sheet there also.

    Do you have much DB figures left to paint at this stage?


  2. Hiya Otto

    The pose is odd but as I mentioned, I enjoyed painting the extreme highlights on the TRON-esque banding. The pink hair gives a little interest to a limited palette too.

    I have many Dreadball figures to go, even though my throughput is as good as it could possibly be really. 2013 so far = 38 miniatures, 2 balls and a whole bunch of CD bases. Excluding the CD bases and the balls thats still about four miniatures a week. If I can keep that up all year I will be very happy.

    If things keep going according to plan Dreadball will be the lions share of my 2013 output. Getting a number of gang/team sized projects finished in rapid succession gives me hope that I will eventually give various other similar projects (Necromunda and Judge Dredd gangs, beastmen, cultists, mutants etc) similar treatment. Which would be great.


  3. […] painted the Wildcard MVP a earlier this year.  Obviously a TRON: Legacy homage, I decided to paint her to fit with that […]


  4. […] TRON look in sci-fi. It’s what I grew up with, it still presses my nostalgia buttons, and I enjoy painting those sorts of schemes. It is certainly the reason why I decided to keep the turquoise-blue in the Gorgon colour scheme a […]


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