Ursa Miner Bruins – DreadBall Forgefather Team

Ursa Miner Bruins DreadBall Forgefather Team

I painted up a medium sized force of space dwarfs last year and I named them the “Ursa Miners“.  With a Forgefather team to paint for Dreadball I decided to use more or less the same colour scheme simply because it was easier than coming up with another scheme from scratch.  I named the team the “Ursa Miner Bruins” to differentiate the sportsdwarfs from the military types.

Bruin Jacks

Bruin Jacks

Like human (corporation) Dreadball teams, forgefather teams begin with three types of player: Striker, Jack and Guard.  A couple of people mentioned that the models of the different positions are not visually distinct enough, a common issue with dwarf miniatures.  I used helmet markings to help with identification.


Bruin Strikers

As you might expect, forgefathers are tough and a bit on the slow side in game terms.  Its interesting to note that nothing in Dreadball is even vaguely as slow as players can occasionally be in Blood Bowl.  While the Miners here are not as nippy as other Dreadball teams, they are still far more dynamic than dwarfs in Blood Bowl.

Ursa Miner Steel Warriors

Ursa Miner Steel Warriors

When painting the Ursa Miner troopers I added a few bright elements to give a little tabletop pzazz to a realistic scheme (in as much as a space dwarf toy soldiers uniform can ever be realistic).  When painting the sci-fi sports team of the same guys I emphasised the brighter colours.  I made the blue/grey areas significantly brighter and added extra yellow elements.

Bruins Guards

Bruin Guards

Red is used as a spot colour on the troopers goggles and techy bits, but as the Bruins uniforms dont feature many of those I added some red to the face armour to act as a focal point.  The Bruins look a little like they are wearing tiki masks as a result, although that wasnt particularly the intention.


A few things regarding the painting:

  1. The models are sculpted with short sleeves and gloves.  As I didnt really like the short sleeved look I painted them as if they are wearing some sort of skintight, spandex-y, sci-fi undergarment.
  2. The highlighting is a bit extreme in places.  I probably should have been a little more restrained although that said, I quite like how the jacks in particular look in the group shot and on the game board, so its probably alright
  3. I need to take a break from looking at the Bruins for a while before I can see them objectively.  I finished painting them and subsequently photographed them late last night, so I have been staring at them little guys for a bit too long recently.

6 Responses

  1. Lovely work on these. I’d have painted the bare arms too and I actually like the tiki-look 🙂


    • Thanks Chris.

      The bare arm look just didnt scream “shiny sci-fi” to me for whatever reason, so I went with the spandex look. As for the tiki look, that was just one of the things that evolved out of the painting process. I didnt set out to get it, but I ended up quite liking it 🙂

      It also made me think that painting the the short sleeved suit brightly plus an exaggerating the mask look could be used to get a Pacific island, Hawaiian luau look. It wouldnt be to my tastes, but it could be done 😀

      Thanks for the feedback.


  2. These look very nifty! However, my main comment is the excellent name pick. “Bruins” definitely sounds dwarven, while riffing on their Boston namesakes.


  3. […] painted Barik with the same palette used for my Ursa Miner Bruins.  While it isnt a match with the original BB scheme shown in the scan above, it has some […]


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