Gorim Ironstone – Dreadball MVP


Mr Ironstone is a forgefather star striker, shown here in his Ursa Miner Bruins strip.

Gorim is a petite guy, even for a miniature space dwarf.  Strikers should look a little less bulky than the rest of the team anyway.

The figure isnt really as nice a sculpt as the regular Dreadball forgefathers, which are some of the nicer Dreadball models.  Gorim is cute all the same and stands out in pose from the rest of the team, which is a good feature for a MVP to have.


L to R: forgefather jack, orx guard, Gorim Ironstone, goblin jack, human jack.


4 Responses

  1. I really like all the Dreadball stuff you’ve painted recently! The miners (and this chap) reminds me of judges somehow.

    I’m reading up on 2nd edition BB myself. Hoping to play a few games online. Might stop at one though. 2nd edt BB was rather slow compared to 3rd which isn’t fast at all.


    • Thanks Mattias.

      The MC1 Judge look on the U.M. Bruins is something that I noticed too, even though it wasnt intentional. Its the bright, “four-color” palette i think, with yellow accented shoulders and the red framed faces (less obvious on Gorim than the rest of the miners).

      My distant memories of playing BB 2nd ed are not good, despite how nice the miniature range was. Four hour games is how I remember it. While 3rd ed might not look that fast these days, it was a huge jump from 2nd IIRC.

      Speaking of BB 2nd Ed, I dug out my Greaser Geargrinder, Ugroth “Ripper” Bolgrot (the original chainsaw guy, rather than the troll) and the other cyborc with the chainsaw arm last week and sprayed them up ready for painting for DreadBall. The DreadBall miniatures range is quite petite so the second ed figures scale perfectly. The sci-fi look of Ripper and the cyborcs fit in well with the DreadBall aesthetic, better than the Blood Bowl one really.

      I also got the 2nd ed orc and goblin cheerleaders ready for a lick of paint, which should be a laugh 🙂


      • That orc cheerleader is one of my favourite minis. Would be a great way to pep Kev Adams through his current hardships!

        Agree on the cyborcs! I never fancied them, due to my BB perspective – but with a broader horizon nowadays I think they’re quite fun.

        What about Barik Farblast, the dwarf chap with the bazooka?


        • I somehow forgot about Bariks suitability for drafting into the Bruins until it dawned on me in the shower (where I have most of my better ideas I find) last Saturday. Barik and Flint Churnblade are both rebased and sitting in the painting queue now.

          I must get the official DreadBall figures finished before I get too sidetracked though. The veer-myn team is the priority for now.


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