Necron Middle Management

In between the more slight Reaper Cyber Reaver and the EM4 Skeleton Robot above squats one of the first official Necron designs that GW made.  The figure was given away free on the cover of White Dwarf in 1998 or so and after recent exhumation made it to the top of my painting list.

L to R: Space Crusade Chaos Android, GW Necron Warrior (90s), GW Necron Warrior.

This as yet unnamed droid will feature as a hench-bot or lieutenant in my skirmish sized Necron force.  Dependable right digital manipulator or bungling robotic nincompoop?  Only time will tell.  Either way the more ornate and decorative style of the miniature compared with the later Necron plastics makes this guy stand out just the right amount.

The colour scheme follows the same pattern as everything else in this Skynet-ron project.  Everything is the same scheme as the test pieces: silver chassis, black weapons/trim with eyes, chest and weapon details in a glowing red.  Quick to apply and satisfyingly tech-noir to look at en masse.


5 Responses

  1. I like his tie….


    • He likes your tie too.

      Seeing as that miniature has such a large piece of sternum decor I considered altering the plan and painting a smaller area red.

      But I didnt. I stubbornly stuck to to the pattern as prescribed by previous works, in the interests of uniformity. And middle management is the realm of the gaudy tie anyway 😉


  2. I wish I painted my guy with a tie now. He would look seriously awesome if I made him a white shirt and red tie.


  3. […] rapidly painted and poorly photographed that single Necron warrior, along with some other similar figs and more recent Necrons, back in […]


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