T800 Terminators

Continuing with the Skynet-rons, todays bunch of bad ‘bots are the closest models that I have to the endo-skeletal bad guys from the Terminator franchise.

L to R: Space Crusade Chaos Android, EM4 Skeleton Robot, Reaper Cyber Reaver, GW Necron Warrior.

The figures are Reaper Chronoscope “Cyber Reavers” that I bought from a gentleman on LAF in February 2010.  That means that these little guys have gone from the package to painted faster than most of my miniature purchases…

L to R: GW Space Marine, Reaper Cyber Reaver

Like everything in this project so far, the Cyber Reavers have been quickly painted in an identical fashion to the test pieces.

L to R: Mongoose Judge, Reaper Cyber Reaver, GW Rogue Trader era Assassin.

What I quite like about these skinny fellas is that they are very slight.  They look like they could at least sort of be hidden under a 28mm scale layer of flesh if required.  As you can see in the comp shots, the Cyber Reavers are quite petite models.

Eighties stop motion, blue screen goodness.

Three of these models had interchangeable arms.  That meant that all of the figures could be armed.  It also meant that I could assemble one figure that wasnt holding any weapons at all and another armed with a pair of weapons, both classic Terminator poses.  So I did.


I suppose that if I were to ever play “proper” 40k with these guys they could be used as Flayed Ones, but as that is not likely to ever really happen it doesnt matter.

I was tempted to paint one of the Reavers in a bloody fashion, as if it had recently been covered in flesh but I didnt bother in the end.  I already own plenty of blood splattered miniatures.


8 Responses

  1. There is something about those Reaver hips and knees I don’t like, though. A bit inelegant, don’t you think?


    • The knees are a bit blocky. Also the hips dont look like they would allow full human movement, thats for sure Andrew. The figures are not a bad match for the endoskeleton puppets from the movies all the same though:

      Some of the leg issues may be down to decisions made for ease of casting I suppose. The figures are quite thin and potentially easily snapped, so that might have been a factor for the knees at least.

      I do quite like the slightly static, rod-puppet look to the figures though. It fits well with the source material, even if it looks a bit clunky 🙂


  2. You might find some of the Leading Edge Terminators on ebay some time. These were licensed and very nice – they had a set of endoskeletons in different poses, plus a set of skin-covered version with various degrees of damage. Just in case you weren’t aware of these, as they’ve been out of production for a long time.


    • Hi jboss.

      I was under the impression that the Leading Edge figures are a little on the small side compared with modern figures. The figure from the Leading Edge Aliens range are a bit on the small side as far as I am aware, but I could be wrong.

      Do you know how the Leading Edge range compares with modern figures? I certainly wouldnt mind a few of the infiltrators and endos for this project, but not if they are very short.

      The range is visible here:


      Thanks for the feedback 🙂


      • Ok, finally managed to find my camera and a figure to compare against. I don’t really have ‘modern’ figures, just Heroclix, and their scale is all over the place. But I managed to find an old space marine to compare against: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12024563/term.jpg


        • Nice work jboss, thanks!

          The scale on that endo looks perfectly fine, and Space Marines are so ubiquitous that they make the best figures for comparisons anyway. After seeing that photo I wouldnt mind picking up a set of those figures, particularly the Infiltrators.

          Thanks for the heads up 🙂


  3. Glad to see you’re still going strong with the robotics! These were a bit on the small side, I agree. Apart from that, I like them better than the Copplestone ‘bots.

    I’ve yet to pull myself out of my slump. Have 8 wolves done, basing them and a lot of commissioned models I recently got back. It’s hard labour basing 20+ models all at once. =)


    • Im still working on terminator-y necrons and I am trying not to get distracted by anything else. I have a number of these that I want to finish before I count the project as finished.

      More eighties-y silver robot types up on Wednesday.


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