Terminator Necrons #2

The silver ranks of antagonistic anthropomorphic automata swell today with these Copplestone “Terminator Robots”.

These models are part of the Copplestone Future Wars range which is itself an updated version of the old Grenadier Future Wars range currently sold by EM4 (I think.  I am pretty sure).  Both ranges were sculpted by Mark Copplestone and the design of these guys is identical to the EM4 Skeleton Robots except for three factors: the overall size, the weapons and the head.

The Copplestone range is slightly larger than the original range.  The scale difference is not enough to bother me much generally when applied to miniature humans.  As such it definitely doesnt bother me when it relates to evil skeletal robot types such as these.   I mean, whats the correct size for an evil skeletal robot?  In a break from tradition my evil cyber-hordes embrace individuality (because its more interesting to paint).

L to R: Copplestone Terminator Robot, Reaper Cyber Reaver, Copplestone Terminator Robot, EM4 Skeleton Robot.

The revised heads may have put off some potential buyers as they dont feature the leering skull look so representative of the Terminator franchise.  The heads look more like the sort of robot design seen on a  robot in a Judge Dredd or ABC Warriors story to me.  Which isnt to say that I dislike the head design, just that I can see why it may appeal less to people interested in creating a miniature force reminiscent of the Terminator movies.

I do slightly miss the glowing red eyes.  The eyes on these figures are empty slots.  The head design and the lack of glowing eyes combine to make the figures less “scary” than most of the figures in my skeleton robot force.

L to R: MB/GW Space Crusade Chaos Android, Copplestone Terminator Robot, GW Necron Warrior.


6 Responses

  1. I think I like those models the most out of the selection. They remind me of Cybermen I think. The almost relaxed walking poses give them a relentlessly advancing feel IMO. I find their “cold dead” eyesockets to be intimidating in their own respects. I prefer the pose to the GW ones for sure.

    You could always add some bender eye socket bulbs I suppose



    • Light bulb eyes would be one “solution” I suppose 😉

      One thing that I have learned from this skeleton robot project is that there really is no accounting for taste. Pretty much everyone who has had an opinion, both online and in real life has preferred a different subset of figures. As you mentioned in a previous post Otto, I think that the more varied “grunt” units give the force as a whole some charm. It adds to the fun that players have different preferences.

      I have some more flamboyant skele-bot models in progress at the moment. Again, I suspect that opinion will be divided on those when I get them finished too. Debate is heathy 🙂

      Regarding the poses, the upright and implacable impression given by the Copplestone figures is an interesting contrast with the Necrons. Making the Necrons hunched and scuttling was an unusual design choice, perhaps made deliberately to distinguish the property from the Terminator franchise. It is to the Necrons detriment anyway: I have heard uncharitable people mention that the Necrons look like they are constantly trying to take a dump.


  2. I think I like these robots the best, of the different ones so far.

    The cybermen are ace! =D


    • Thanks Mattias. “teh internets” doesnt really approve of the Copplestone figures for Terminator purposes, but I do.

      I am going to rebase the Cybermen and touch up a couple of bits that need it and add them to this project. I will post up new photos then.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  3. Heh. The vaguely sex-toy looking weapons are ranged blaster type things I think, from “The Tomb of the Cybermen” or more likely “Earthshock”, as shown here:


    Im not a Doctor Who fan, so I dont really know. A cheesy cyborg figure is worth owning anyway as far as I am concerned.

    I spoke to Jervis Johnson in a pub back in the nineties before the Necrons were released. He mentioned at the time that the Cybermen were a very big influence on the Necrons. The tombs and some other bits and pieces bear that out, although I hadnt spotted that the Necron Scarabs are just a knock-off of the Cyber-mats until just now.

    I might pick up a pack of not-cybermats from Crooked Dice now 🙂



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