Necron Scarabs

These tiny robot drone guys are probably the easiest miniature painting task that I have had for a while.  They look kinda cute anyway I think, despite how straightforward they were to paint.

Plan view. Thats a 20mm base.

In 40k games scarabs are mounted in multiples on large bases to represent swarms.  As these miniatures are intended for use in skirmish games I mounted my scarabs individually.

L to R: GW Scarab, EM4 Skeleton Robot, GW Scarab, GW Necron Warrior

The design of the scarab is only vaguely insectile – more like some sort of generic robot drone thing really – so I can see these models with multiple duties.  They would be suitable as Mega City One Justice Department spy-in-the-sky cameras for example, which might be useful for a scenario some time.


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  1. Those 20mm bases are cute, ideal for this project. Did you end up using the plastic base which came with the scarabs or did you use a piece of wire? I was thinking to use wire as I had my doubts about the solidity of the plastic thingie.

    I confess I have a strong urge to paint these guys like ladybirds welling up inside of me like the spirit of jazz……


    • I used the plastic base supplied. It proved surprisingly resilient during drybrushing. If I were planning on regularly carting the scarabs back and forth to tournaments and the like then I would consider using wire stands, but I am not, so I didnt.

      As for ladybirds, I wait with bated breath…


      • This force is coming together nicely now, what is next on the painting adgenda for your skele-bots?


        • Next up is some unofficial T-101 endoskeletons from another manufacturer. I also have the free White Dwarf Necron lined up to post up.

          I am currently switching back and forth painting a Necron Lord, yet more third party not-terminators and a Space Crusade Chaos dreadnought. On top of all that I have a number of Necron plastics in various states of assembly, so hopefully I will manage to stay focused long enough to get them all done.


  2. […] painted some Necron Scarabs in 2012 to accompany my Skynet-Necrons and then added to them recently with these little Reaper […]


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