I have been playing Malifaux since mid-February.  In that month or so (at the time of writing) time I have got seven or so games played, which is an awful lot by my standards.

The majority of the games have been at home, although I got an opportunity to play in another gamers house too (the games played on the green table shown below).

One of the things that I have enjoyed most about the process is digging around in the boxes of terrain that I own in an effort to make each game table coherent and unique.

After the effort that I have put in over the last couple of years I now have a lot of terrain, most of it practical and of pretty decent quality: I am happy to say that it is largely better than the majority of the terrain that I have seen in actual use (actual use rather than set pieces for shows or spectacular set ups for rulebook photos) over the years.  Its far from award winning stuff but its solid, practical and is supplied in volume.  Malifaux is finally bringing a lot of that stuff to the table for actual use, which is very satisfying.

I have been taking photos at various points during each game.  A selection of these quick snaps are shown below, just for fun really.  Lady Justice features a lot, seeing as she is the leader of my first completed Malifaux crew.

Lady J considers a game of Pooh-sticks swords during an away game.

The Judge leads his Death Marshals through the hazard strewn Badlands.

The Viktorias take on the Guild in an abandoned shanty town.

A ruined industrial zone is the stage for a three-way battle between Neverborn, Arcanist and Guild forces.

Ancient statues provide cover against flying lead.

Cowboy exorcists collide with twin psychic samurai ladies in a badlands canyon.

Ramos conjures up arachnid robots in the ruins of a factory.

Death Marshals attempt to encircle a Ronin.

I have some more terrain in the pipeline.  A few more post apocalyptic shanty type bits and pieces will be first in all likelyhood.

I also have plans for some cow town stuff, but it will need a little bit of wiki-wiki-wah-wah west-ifying before I will be happy with it.  I want it to look like something suitable for a Firefly/Malifaux setting as well as suitable for the Cursed Earth and the occasional frontier planet for 40k folk to show up on.  We will see how that goes.


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  1. Some really sweet setups there, they look like a treat to play on. The gaming mat in particular stands out, as do the Mountains of Foam.


    • The decent looking mat shows everything else off in a better light and really increases the calibre of the terrain set-ups I reckon. I have evangelised enough about my Zuzzy mats before, so I wont do it again 🙂

      In isolation the mountainous foam pieces look a bit simplistic and more than a little like a Star Trek set (not necessarily a bad thing, depending on the mood that you are trying to evoke). I do find that once some more detailed terrain pieces are added to the table that the mesas fade into the background in a pleasing way.

      What they definitely do is add a sense of visual scale on the y-axis to the games, something that is often missing from tabletop miniature games for a number of often practical reasons.

      The hills are also pretty resistant to damage and simple to store. Being made of seating foam, they could literally be sat on if required.

      A gaming buddy needs to cover a large number of gaming tables for a an upcoming local convention. There was some talk of making a large number of mountainous bits like the red ones shown above, possibly in different colours. It should work out fine, but I do think that unless some other more detailed focal points are placed on the tables that it may look a bit like a Muppet graveyard.

      Thanks for the feedback.


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